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In-Flight Entertainment

Talk about a combo platter—Chêne Gear’s inaugural Chêne Film Festival (October 21) at the Radians Amphitheatre at Memphis Botanic Gardens will be part beer garden bash, part outdoor concert, and part SEC football watch party, all capped with a showing of six waterfowl hunting films that the sporting gear company Chêne commissioned. “I’m stoked about our mix of filmmakers,” says Dylan Farrell, the brand’s creative director. “A few are folks from outside the sporting industry. They see things differently, and there’s a sense of awe in their stories because they take nothing for granted.” Highlights include a piece about Green Berets and their relationship to duck hunting, and a documentary called 7-Mile Wound that depicts the campaign of a Stuttgart, Arkansas, dentist named Rex Hancock and his valiant efforts to save the Arkansas Big Woods. The party starts in time to catch the kickoff of a to-be-determined SEC game and won’t stop until festivalgoers vote for their favorite flick.