Southern Agenda

Off-Road Oddity

Hundreds venture to Centreville, Virginia’s countryside on summer weekends for fresh doughnuts, live music, pickup volleyball, pulled-pork sandwiches, and garden goodies (such as a hundred varieties of tomato plants) during Cox Farms’ Smokin’ Saturdays. But there’s another literally massive draw that only welcomes Smokin’ visitors: Foamhenge, a true-to-size replica of Britain’s Stonehenge, rendered in Styrofoam. Created by the Virginia artist Mark Cline and originally located in Natural Bridge, the work was acquired in 2017 by the farm, where the faux stones now equal real fun. “When we heard it was available, we snapped it up,” farmer Lucas Cox says. “We love to make people laugh, and Foamhenge is ridiculous. People are like, ‘What?! Why is this here?’”