Southern Agenda

Plenty of Pluck

Illustration: Tim Bower

Ozark Folk Center State Park has long been ahead of its time—“its time” being the solidly bygone era of 1820 to 1920. With exhibitions and an apprenticeship program that supports the future of Ozark crafts, the park transplants a century of Ozarkian culture such as knife making, blacksmithing, and fiddle playing into a living time capsule on 640 acres in Mountain View that includes a historic medicinal garden. “I was fortunate to know those old-timers that were at the Folk Center that I grew up with,” says Pam Setser, daughter of the park’s first manager. “I laugh because I feel like maybe I’m the old-timer now?” A multi-instrumentalist, Setser has performed at the center every year since it opened in 1973. In programs throughout the anniversary year (up next is the Mountain View Bluegrass Festival, March 9–11), hear her and others who carry the torch.