Southern Agenda

Shake and Bake

The Sandshaker Lounge is toasting a half century of serving the Florida Panhandle’s favorite boozy milkshake, the Bushwacker, to generations of sunburned Pensacola beachgoers. “We figure in fifty years, we’ve made more than two million—we have that on a shirt!” says general manager Joe Campbell, touting the bar’s anniversary merch. The ’Shaker’s creamy, chocolaty recipe, which includes Kahlúa, has its roots in St. Thomas, and originally, bartenders whipped up single Bushwackers in a blender. These days, a row of frozen drink machines meet the demand, but there’s still no premixing of ingredients; all batches get handcrafted, with rum added last. Bushwacker veterans know to stir it, and sip from the middle to temper the slushy concoction’s strength.