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The Tiny Miracle of Gray’s Lily

Meet the rare mountain flower, pollinated by hummingbirds, that mysteriously grows near a writer’s North Carolina cabin

Home & Garden

The Art of the Sleeping Porch

Wind down with flair in this nostalgic summertime haven


Visiting Friends? Here’s What to Bring Your Host

Clever (and useful) ways to say thank you


On the Hunt for Heirloom Watermelon

A pair of Virginia growers dig into the South’s sweetest varieties

Home & Garden

Championing a Champion Sycamore Tree

When a record-setting North Carolina sycamore fell, one Raleigh furniture company set out to repurpose the wood and preserve its legacy


The Lovely Legacy of Hand-Painted Plates

Five fresh spins on the age-old tradition


Arrange Your Dinner Party Flowers the Charlotte Moss Way

A chat with the Virginia-born tastemaker on her new floral book, backyard plant hunting, and respectfully repurposing old wedding gifts

Arts & Culture

Inside Erin and Ben Napier’s New Series, Home Town Takeover

The HGTV stars turn their talents to revamping an Alabama town


Gardening Secrets of the Kentucky Derby

Why Churchill Downs looks so stunning on the big day


The Care and Keeping of Geraniums

How to get the most out of the beloved patio plant

Arts & Culture

Pop Art Meets Impressionism in a Colorful Florida Garden

Step through the garden gate at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota

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Home & Garden

Spring Preening for Every Room

After a long stretch of being at home, it’s time to refeather your nest

In the Garden

A Nashville Orchard-Turned-Oasis

A historic estate provides the stage for an award-worthy revival

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Walk Through the Houston Botanic Garden

See how a new Texas garden welcomes spring

Editor's Letter

A Room of Our Own

Transforming a little-used space into a favorite spot in the house

Home & Garden

Let Bunny Williams Show You How to Thrive at Home

The Virginia-raised designer on her homebody leanings, a new documentary, and a porch party secret that will definitely surprise you

Green Thumb

Monty Don Crosses the Pond

Catching up with Britain’s star gardener

Home & Garden

Step Inside a Mountain Hideaway

A Western North Carolina home works as one with its sylvan setting

Home & Garden

Keowee Dreaming at a Grand Lake Retreat

A long-awaited refuge reflects its lakeside locale in the South Carolina foothills

Home & Garden

Inside a Dreamy Beach Bungalow

A clever layout and artful decor help a family make the most of a 30A getaway