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Welcome to Garden & Gun’s Whole Hog podcast, hosted by John Huey, we explore the best of Southern culture, from must-hear music to where to find the best fried chicken. Season three brought to you by Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company.

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New Episodes

Season 3/Episode 8

Home is where the Art Is

Darla Moore knows what it’s like to be underestimated, and so does her hometown. The successful businesswoman and philanthropist always had to prove herself—to make Wall Street bigwigs look past her good looks and Southern accent. But she persevered, making her name (and a couple of billion dollars) in finance and investing, a success that landed her on the cover of Fortune magazine, the first woman to do so, and eventually on the greens at Augusta National, where she became one of the first women to be invited to join the club that hosts the annual Masters golf tournament. While she was away, first in Washington, D.C., and then, in New York City, her hometown of Lake City, South Carolina, a once-vibrant farming community, had come on hard times. But Moore never forgot where she came from, and returned to live part-time in the place her family had called home for generations with a business plan to revitalize her beloved community.

Today, due to many of Moore’s initiatives, Lake City boasts ArtFields, a top-notch art competition and festival; a thriving downtown; and year-round tourism, thanks in part to the Moore Farms Botanical Garden, a sixty-five-acre research garden on Moore’s grandparents’ land. In this episode, we hear about the transformation from Darla Moore at her Lake City home, Mayor Lovith Anderson in Lake City’s Bean Market, and Holly Shady, a director of ArtFields.


Season 3/Episode 7

The Road Goes on Forever

Robert Earl Keen has been writing songs since the late 1970s, when he was an English major at Texas A&M University, and has been performing them live for almost as long. We recently caught up with Keen to talk about his life, his songs, an upcoming tour with college buddy and fellow Texan Lyle Lovett, and training his new dog, Cormac.

Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett’s tour kicks off in October.


Season 3/Episode 6

Woody Platt on Brevard, Bluegrass, and Brown Trout

In eighteen years, the Steep Canyon Rangers have gone from playing underground bars in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to selling out Carnegie Hall. Guitarist, singer, and frontman Woody Platt, who founded the bluegrass band along with college friend and Rangers banjo player Graham Sharp, sits down with us to discuss the band’s evolution and an unexpected partnership with comedian (and banjonist) Steve Martin.

In this episode, Platt, an avid fly fisherman, also takes us back to his home in Brevard, North Carolina, and explains how the town’s natural setting and musical traditions have impacted his life.

The Steep Canyon Rangers are currently on tour (playing several shows with Steve Martin and Martin Short) and their new album, Out in the Open, is available now.

For the full conversation, listen to the episode or subscribe to the Whole Hog below.

Season 3/Episode 5

Following the Smell of Bourbon

“Bourbon will make you do funny things,” says chef Edward Lee. Growing up in Brooklyn to Korean immigrant parents, Lee’s move to Louisville, Kentucky might surprise some. But sixteen years and several successful restaurants, cookbooks, and television shows later, Lee has made his mark on Southern food. He joins us on the podcast to discuss his new book Buttermilk Graffiti: A Chef’s Journey to Discover America’s New Melting-Pot Cuisine, which guides us a on a tour around the country eating Lebanese kibbeh in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Vaca Frita in Miami, and slaw dogs in West Virginia.

Also chef Lee remembers writer and television star Anthony Bourdain, tells us why he never orders shrimp, and recounts how he masterfully negotiated the purchase of an impressive vintage bourbon collection, including a bottle of Echo Springs from 1917.

Season 3/ Episode 4

It All Started with a Bag of Turnip Greens

Yes, the turnip greens at Taqueria del Sol are legendary (as are the tacos and margaritas), but there is more to this wildly popular Southern restaurant, now with seven locations in Georgia and Tennessee. We caught up with chef Eddie Hernandez and his business partner, Mike Klank, who together have been cooking up delicious Mexican food in Atlanta for more than three decades, to find out how this unlikely duo met, why they’re so successful (hint: it’s the food), and to dig into Eddie’s new cookbook, Turnip Greens & Tortillas. Plus, at the end of the episode, we switch gears and get a crash course in Southern style with Sid and Ann Mashburn on their three must-haves for every well-dressed man and woman.

Season 3/Episode 3

Writing America’s History

Pulitzer-prize winning presidential biographer and Chattanooga native Jon Meacham has written books on the lives of Thomas Jefferson, George H. W. Bush, Andrew Jackson, and the relationship between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. He joins us in this episode of the Whole Hog to discuss essential Southern reading, the historian’s responsibility, moving back to the South, and his new book, The Soul of America: The Battle for our Better Angels.

Season 3/ Episode 2

Singing the Praises of Women in Country Music

From Mother Maybelle to Loretta Lynn to Kacey Musgraves, women have been a leading force in Country music since the beginning. In her book, Women Walk the Line: How the Women in Country Music Changed Our Lives, author and music critic Holly Gleason spotlights the impact of twenty-seven legendary artists. Plus, we listen to lots of great music.

Season 3/ Episode 1
All Over but the Eatin’ 

Rick Bragg’s new memoir The Best Cook in the World: Tales From My Momma’s Table, takes us back to Possum Trot, Alabama, but this time it’s all about the food. We talk to Rick about the dishes he grew up eating; his momma, Margaret; and the legacy of Southern blue-collar cooking. Ham and red-eye gravy over fresh diced tomatoes, anyone?

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Season 2/Episode 6: 

A Year of Southern Culture

On the final episode of the Whole Hog’s second season, host John Huey looks back at the year in Southern culture. Matt Hendrickson joins the show to talk about 2017’s best music releases, Kim Severson weighs in on Southern food, and Square Books’ Richard Howorth discusses the year’s must-read books. Listen or subscribe below. For more on our year-end favorites, check out G&G’s 17 Best Southern Albums of 2017 and the full list of Richard Howorth’s favorite books, too.

Season 2/Episode 5: 

S is for Southern

Garden & Gun’s latest book, S Is for Southern, is an encyclopedia of Southern tradition and contemporary culture, and this episode of the Whole Hog is its crash course. Host John Huey is joined by editor in chief David DiBenedetto for a rundown of the new book, along with lively readings from some of its contributors. Hear Julia Reed’s ode to Doe’s Eat Place, a Greenville, Mississippi, institution. And listen in as Roy Blount, Jr. riffs on humidity, Kathleen Purvis retraces bourbon’s roots, Randall Kenan talks Charley Pride, and much more.

Season 2/ Episode 4: 

On the Road with Jessica Lange and Julia Reed

Jessica Lange is one of the most accomplished actresses of the past four decades, earning acclaim and industry-wide respect for iconic roles in films like Frances and Tootsie, and on Broadway in A Streetcar Named Desire. But Lange is a talent behind the camera, too. Her photography is featured in the latest issue of Garden & Gun, in which Lange joins author and G&G contributor Julia Reed on a road trip through the Mississippi Delta. Go beyond the feature in the latest episode of the Whole Hog, where host John Huey is joined by Lange and Reed to talk about the trip.

Season 2/ Episode 3:

Rosanne Cash’s Arrow to the South

“I was taught you’re not worth much if you don’t have the courage of your convictions,” says Rosanne Cash, and in her work as a singer, songwriter, author, and activist, it’s easy to see that the message stuck. On the latest episode of G&G’s Whole Hog, host John Huey speaks with Cash about storytelling; the influence of her father, Johnny Cash; speaking up politically; and the ability of songs to mean something different to each listener.

Season 2/ Episode 2:

A Conversation with Lolis Eric Elie

Host John Huey sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with author and screenwriter Lolis Eric Elie. In a frank discussion that touches on race, cultural traditions, and American history, Elie talks about the influence of his father, civil rights attorney Lolis Edward Elie, and “the difference between symbols and substance.” Elie, a New Orleans native, also reveals how he found a touch of the Crescent City out West, talking with chef Marcus Christiana-Beniger, who co-founded a restaurant in Los Angeles’ Historic Chinatown called the Little Jewel of New Orleans.

Season 2/ Episode 1:

WNCW —The Little Radio Station That Could

In the mountains of western North Carolina, one radio station reigns supreme: WNCW, a public broadcasting station owned by Isothermal Community College in Spindale. We’re so obsessed with the station that we’ve devoted a whole episode to it. Host John Huey is back for the Season Two premiere to catch up with WNCW’s music director, Martin Anderson, about the station’s devoted following and the eclectic sounds—old and new—that go out over its airwaves.

Season One


Season 1/ Episode 8:
The Amazing Life of Chuck Leavell

For more than 40 years playing with the Allman Brothers Band to the Rolling Stones, Chuck Leavell has made rock-and-roll his career. But the legendary keyboardist is equally passionate about land conservation and forestry (he’s not a bad shot either). We catch up with Leavell on his musical legacy, Gregg Allman’s passing, and life as a Georgia tree farmer.

Season 1/Episode 7:
Wet Your Whistle

From whistling in the Oval Office to eating supper under the stars, in this episode you’ll meet four-time national and international whistling champion Chris Ullman, have dinner with James Beard Award-winning chef Steven Satterfield, and enjoy the stories behind Julia Reed’s favorite Southern songs.

Season 1/ Episode 6:
On the Trail With a Master Tracker

In his thirty years as a backcountry ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains, Dwight McCarter rescued twenty-six people. Now he’s sharing stories on how he found them and tips for surviving in the wild. Plus, Nashville singer-songwriter Brandy Clark has penned songs for Kacey Musgraves and Sheryl Crow, but now she is making a name for herself in Music City. 

Season 1/ Episode 5:
A Trip to S-Town, Alabama

We catch up with Brian Reed, the producer and host of S-Town to discuss his experience in the Alabama town and the making of this epic Southern story, then we’ll dissect the dialect and accents of S-Town‘s characters with linguistics professor Dr. Walt Wolfram, and chef Duane Nutter answers the question, “What’s for supper?”

Season 1/ Episode 4:
Tour Savannah with Author Bruce Feiler, Pastry Chef Cynthia Wong, and More

Author Bruce Feiler takes us back to his hometown of Savannah, Georgia, head into the kitchen with Charleston, South Carolina-based pasty chef Cynthia Wong, and G&G assistant editor Jed Portman shares his family’s secret for perfect fried chicken.

Season 1/ Episode 3:
A Spanish Ham Pilgrimage, Pit Bulls, Bluegrass, and More

Join us on a trip to Spain with John T. Edge and cure master Allan Benton, catch up with author and pit bull-lover Bronwen Dickey, and explore bluegrass’ new sound.

Premiere Episode, Part 2:
Steel Magnolias, Master Distiller Marianne Barnes, and a Delta Road Trip

We continue our conversation about the real story of Steel Magnolias with Julia Reed and Robert Harling, talk whiskey with master bourbon distiller Marianne Barnes, head out on a father-and-son road trip in the Mississippi Delta, and hear from some of country music’s newest outlaws.

Premiere Episode, Part 1:
Steel Magnolias, Bourbon Punch, and Roy Blount, Jr.

In our debut podcast episode, we’re celebrating ten years of Garden & Gun magazine with special guests Roy Blount, Jr., and editor in chief David DiBenedetto, a potent bourbon party punch, and part one of a conversation with Julia Reed and Robert Harling on three decades of Steel Magnolias.