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Boots Made for Walking—And Everything Else

Designed to take on anything, The Original Muck Boot Company’s latest styles are poised to become outdoor enthusiasts’ ultimate go-tos

The Men's Outscape Chelsea. Muck Boot's latest slip-on style features a sleek high-top (shown here) and a lower-profile low top available for men and women.

Whether you’re partial to hiking, riding, hunting, or tending the land, some of life’s most enjoyable moments require getting a little dirty. For twenty-plus years, The Original Muck Boot Company has created an array of functional footwear to help navigate those pursuits, offering trusted defense against life’s inevitable muck. Muck Boot’s collection includes a variety of styles, from its original Chore Boot to slick pairs that will stand out on city sidewalks. Unmatched durability is integral to every shoe, meaning each pair promises years of good use, no matter where it takes you. 

The Women’s Outscape Low. The Outscape is one hundred percent waterproof and is available in half-sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

This spring, a new style is joining Muck Boot’s ranks: the Outscape, a wear-anywhere shoe practically made for the Southern lifestyle. The design was inspired by the brand’s popular gardening collection, which features “shovel-ready” nylon shank underfoot protection. In addition, the shoe also packs increased versatility, expanding its function far beyond the soil. Crafted with 100 percent waterproof materials, the Outscape makes a worthy companion in the field, holding its own through a shallow marsh, a muddy bank, or any number of adventures. The shoe is perfectly suited for everyday wear as well. Sturdy enough for yard work but comfortable enough for long, leisurely walks with the dog, the Outscape is the sort of staple you’ll want to leave by the front door, ready to throw on at a moment’s notice. 

What’s more, this new addition doesn’t skimp on style. A happy medium between a traditional work boot and a lightweight sneaker, the hybrid design represents Muck Boot’s most modern, fashion-forward design to date. With two slip-on versions—a sleek high-top and a lower-profile low-top—available in several colors for all genders, it’s easy to find a pair that suits your needs (and your aesthetic). 

Designed for the person always on the move, the pliable Forager Boot can be worn at three different height options and is easily packable for all outdoor adventures.

Also among this season’s new arrivals are the Forager Boot and the Muckster. The Forager, a convertible boot with three height options, comfortably holds up to even the most strenuous activities with an adjustable closure that keeps moisture at bay. The Muckster, meanwhile, is the brand’s best-selling all-purpose product, rolling down from a high-traction outdoor boot to a casual shoe. This year, an updated women’s design features a bit of hidden personality, as the solid boot rolls down to reveal a warm floral print. 

However you spend your days this spring, the perfect pair of Muck Boots will make your steps easier. Shop the brand’s latest collection at and for a limited time, receive twenty percent off your purchase by using the code GGSPRING20.

One of Muck Boot’s best selling styles, The Muckster, is now available in mid height and rolls down to reveal a floral print.