How to Display Your Wild Treasures

From shells to feathers and birds’ nests to butterflies, make a statement with natural wonders

Glass Menagerie (below)

An arrangement of cloches in varying heights and sizes from both Bloomist ($48–$68; and Terrain ($68–$178; forms the ideal home for all manner of organic beauty, from shells to birds’ nests to butterflies. As your scavenger hunts continue, accommodate a new discovery with ease by adding another cloche to the collection.

Photo: William and Susan Brinson

Cabinet Meeting

Vintage department store displays in Havana, Cuba, inspired the design of this throwback piece by Homart, but it could easily be mistaken for something straight out of the Maison Deyrolle, Paris’s famed museum of taxidermy. Use it to bring your own diorama of fossils, abandoned hornets’ nests, antlers, and geodes to life in a library or living room. The doors lock, so little hands can’t get inside without permission ($1,950;

Photo: William and Susan Brinson

Frames of Mind

Over many hunting seasons, you may have amassed an impressive collection of commemorative feathers. Set them off with flair by pressing them in these gallery-style frames with brass hardware from Ballard Designs. Bonus points for hanging several in a grid, to play up the way the frames sit nearly an inch off the wall, creating dimensional impact ($119;

Photo: William and Susan Brinson