The Next Chapter for The Charleston Place

Under new ownership, the Holy City hotel will get a dazzling makeover

Overlooking downtown from The Charleston Place's balcony.

In the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, one hotel is as much a local landmark as its postcard surroundings. The Charleston Place, which opened in 1986 as a hotel operated by the Omni, has captivated scores of travelers over three-plus decades on the downtown peninsula. Opening onto King Street on one side and Meeting and Market Streets on others, the hotel sits at the heart of the action, an embodiment of Charleston’s charms. 

While the hotel boasts a storied past, a new era for the property is just beginning. For the first time in its history, the hotel is operating under local, independent ownership, thanks to a recent acquisition by Charleston’s Beemok Hospitality Group. This change will bring a dazzling revitalization, valued at more than $100 million. With plans already afoot, the project is employing some of the country’s most renowned architects and designers, including Pierre-Yves Rochon, a luxury interior design firm with offices in Paris and Chicago; Cooper Carry, an architecture firm headquartered in Atlanta; Rees Roberts + Partners, a New York–based interior and landscape design firm; and LS3P, a local outfit with experience in historic preservation (and a portfolio of Charleston projects that includes iconic hotels such as the Spectator Hotel and the Vendue).

Beginning in 2023, the renovation process will touch everything from the hotel’s grand lobby, restaurants, and bars to its 433 guest rooms and its world-class spa. While the new proprietors intend to keep the hotel’s unique character intact, the reimagining will cast the space in a stylish new light, blending Southern hospitality with European elegance. The lobby will receive special attention. Already the site of many glitzy gatherings, the space will be made even more inviting, serving as a warm yet polished meeting place where all are welcome. 

The Thoroughbred Club.

In the meantime, guests can still savor all The Charleston Place has to offer, as the hotel will remain fully open during its phased transformation. This includes the award-winning Charleston Grill, helmed by lauded executive chef Michelle Weaver; the Thoroughbred Club, a handsome lobby lounge where live music and an impressive beverage menu await; and the rooftop infinity pool that overlooks the bustling boutiques of King Street. As changes get underway, the hotel will also host a series of monthly events and installations, helping set the tone for a new era of hospitality. Even as this legendary property evolves, it continues to exemplify the city it calls home, welcoming newcomers and old friends with open arms.

The rooftop infinity pool.