Fredericksburg, Texas

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Copper stills at Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas

Photo: Altstadt Brewery

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Spanish missionaries planted the first grapevines in Texas in the 1600s, but we can thank German immigrants who arrived in the 1800s for making it America’s fifth-largest wine-producing state. Taste this history in Fredericksburg, a charming jumping-off point to visit the sixty vineyards and wine tasting rooms located in Gillespie County alone. Equally thriving is the city’s German craft beer scene. Taste Bavarian traditions at Altstadt Brewery or Fredericksburg Brewing Company, the oldest brewpub in the state, which offers pints that you can enjoy while shopping in the downtown historic district. Round out the experience with a trip to spirit makers like artisan peach and pear eau-de-vie producer Dietz Distillery at Das Peach Haus, Texas Scotch distiller Modisett & Sons, or purpose-driven vodka company Salvation Spirits.

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