Jackson, Mississippi

Hush-hush hangouts

Photo: Courtesy of Visit Mississippi

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In Mississippi, exclusive bars tucked in unexpected places transport you back in time. In Jackson’s Fondren district, you’ll discover the Apothecary, a nostalgic soda fountain turned secret cocktail haven behind Brent’s Drugs. Or visit Starkville’s Main Street. Venture down an unnamed alley and through a nondescript door, and you’ll be rewarded with cocktails and a dinner from the Guest Room, the restaurant above. In Ocean Springs, the Wilbur resides in a secret room within the Roost, a boutique hotel. Behind a swing-out bookcase near the reception desk, the bar pays homage to Prohibition-era Mississippi with a large mural of Al Capone, who used the state’s Gulf Coast as one of his hideouts. Also visit Cathead Distillery in Jackson, founded in 2010 and the first legal distillery to open in Mississippi since the state’s repeal of Prohibition in 1966.

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