2023 Holiday Gift Guide


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Description: Bevolo hand-riveted antique copper lanterns, $500-750.

Holiday Glow

Bevolo is the preeminent maker of timeless hand-riveted antique copper lanterns inspired by the New Orleans French Quarter. Adorn your abode with the same aesthetic with this Governor Poolhouse lantern designed to bring an old-world glow to your outdoor space.

$500-750; bevolo.com

Description: Set of two (2) vacuum flasks in rich honey leather by Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel, $400.

Refreshment Ready

Celebrate the sporting life with merchandise that epitomizes the timeless traditions of the field. This Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel set of two vacuum flasks in rich honey leather signifies the family-owned business’s commitment to craftsmanship and makes for a wonderful surprise under the tree.

$400; kevinscatalog.com

Description: Monrovia Dwarf Alberta Spruce, cone-shaped conifer, $30.

Grow for It

Give a gift that can live on in the garden with a Monrovia Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Perfect for the season, the cone-shaped conifer—available in topiary shapes of cone, spiral, and two-ball poodle—is a festive front porch addition and can be planted once the holiday season is over.

Starts at $30; holiday.monrovia.com
Monrovia Holiday Shop closes Sunday, December 17, 2023

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