Why We Love the Gulf

Get to Know Florida’s 30A

Meet three Panhandle beach towns with style to spare

Why We Love The Gulf

Know Your Oyster: The Apalachicola

What makes them great, why they’re in danger, and where you can shuck one at its freshest

Why We Love the Gulf

My Little Bayou: In Praise of the Backwaters

Some of the best parts of the Gulf? The inlets and channels leading to it

What's in Season

Pick Up a Basket of Early Summer Blackberries

Cobble together a tempting dessert with early summer blackberries

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An Insider’s Guide to Panama City Beach

Where the fun never sets

12 Slideshow

G&G Party Pics

G&G Kickoff Party at UNwineD

A Southern garden party in Panama City Beach, Florida


Jimmy Buffett: A Pirate at 70

The musician’s buoyant new biography sings

Road Trip

Exploring Florida’s Overseas Highway (U.S. 1)

Head south—way south—for an unforgettable drive

Food & Drink

Eat Like a Local in Tampa

Chef Greg Baker shares a few favorite local hole-in-the-walls

Arts & Culture

A Tribute to Frida Kahlo, Gardener

Florida’s first solo exhibition of Kahlo’s work

Arts & Culture

Dave Barry’s Reasons To Cut Florida Some Slack

The Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist’s book is a light-hearted look at the state’s strangeness

Arts & Culture

The Strong Southern Woman Behind a Plastics Empire

How Brownie Wise spread the Tupperware gospel in 1950s Florida


The Heart of an Angler

Once the country’s most promising downhill skier, Andy Mill never brought home an Olympic medal. But he found a second chance at greatness on the water—and along the way found himself, too

Arts & Culture

Snapshots from “Saints of Old Florida”

It doesn’t take much to have a great time along Florida’s Forgotten Coast

Arts & Culture

A Tasty Combination: Food and Fine Art

A coffee table book celebrates the connection between the culinary and visual arts

Food & Drink

Sour Orange Pie

The forgotten classic


Southern Road Trip: Bass Fishing in Florida

Casting for big bass in the Sunshine State

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Dispatch From the Road: Bass Fishing in Florida

Join writer Dave Mezz as he travels in search of big bass in the Sunshine State

The Southern Agenda

The Southern Agenda: April/May 2016

Goings-on in the South and beyond

Arts & Culture

The Secret World of Travel Trailers

The world of travel trailers is as wide as the open road