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Home & Garden

A sporting paradise an hour east of Atlanta

Food & Drink

Drummer, firefighter, mayor, chef—Eddie Hernandez has lived more lives than most. But the best way to understand the Atlantan’s past is by way of his South-meets-Mexico food

Arts & Culture

Art inspired by Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the “crossroads of the contemporary South”


A quick guide to food, drink, and more in Georgia’s capital

Land & Conservation

After years of planning, the first batch of Sapelo Purple Ribbon Sugarcane Syrup comes to fruition


From the pine forests of the Red Hills to the foothills of the Andes, plan your next hunt at these destination properties


A founding member of the B-52s takes off on a solo flight

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Made in the South Awards

From a library-perfect leather chair to a hunting vest as handsome as it is hardworking to a light, bright pecan oil, this year’s winners and runners-up prove the region is home to world-class talent

Made in the South Awards 2017

Style runner-up Blair Beskin’s customizable belts blend sophistication and comfort

Made in the South Awards 2017

With an eye for detail and an ear for music, crafts runner-up Dean Robinson turns out beautiful instruments

Made in the South Awards 2017

Home runner-up Mollie Jenkins recently added lamps to her company’s classic ceramic offerings

Made in the South Awards 2017

Home runner-up ME Speak Design’s cocktail spoon combines Southern and Japanese styles

Made in the South Awards 2017

This drink runner-up from Atlanta, Georgia offers a fresh approach to the popular craft beverage

Arts & Culture

A new book gives readers a uniquely personal look at the artists who’ve made the city and its music world famous

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Twenty-three of the South’s most picturesque covered bridges


Autumn adventures for foodies, thrill seekers, outdoors lovers, and more

Arts & Culture

The remarkable matriarch of Sapelo Island’s Gullah Geechee culture died Sunday at 72

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G&G Party Pics

A friendly sporting clays tournament at Barnsley Resort

What's in Season

Top this fall favorite with a hearty sauce to transform it into a pasta-like autumn feast

Arts & Culture

Go inside the Georgia art and design university’s forty most famous structures around the world