Redbud Pink Lemonade

2 cups

This is a tangy, naturally pink lemonade, so add more sugar if you like it on the sweeter side

A glass of pink lemonade on a piece of wood outside.


    • ¼ cup redbud blossoms, de-stemmed

    • 2 cups water, divided

    • 4–5 tbsp. sugar

    • 3 lemons

    • 1½ cups cold water


  1. Make redbud tea: Place blossoms in a large, heat-safe container and set aside. Bring ½ cup water to a boil in a small pot, pour over the flowers, and stir. Cover the container and let steep overnight in the fridge. After at least 12 hours, use a fine strainer to remove plant matter and set tea aside. (At this point, the tea should be a very pale pink or peach color.) 

  2. Make the lemonade: Cut and squeeze the lemons, making sure to remove seeds, and add the juice to the redbud tea. (The mixture will turn a brighter shade of pink.) Combine with remaining 1½ cups cold water. Add the sugar (or other sweetener of choice), stir to dissolve, taste, and add more sugar if desired.