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International Sporting Excursion: Patagonia

This November, G&G‘s International Sporting Excursion took guests South to Patagonia. During the five-day fishing adventure at Argentina’s Patagonia River Ranch, an intimate group of readers experienced unforgettable fly fishing, horseback riding, and hiking, as well as a traditional Argentinian asado and a regional wine tasting with Piatelli Vineyards.


Special thanks to:

Patagonia River Ranch

Pitatelli Vineyards

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Ann Sheils hooks a trout on the Chimehuin River.

Photo: Jake Ragsdale

Guests embark on a horseback ride with views of the snowcapped Andes.

Photo: Seba De Praxis

Patagonia River Ranch is home for the week-long adventure.

Piatelli Vineyards shares five regional vintages from their Mendoza and Cafayate portfolios.

Photo: Seba De Praxis

Jake Ragsdale holds up a brown trout before releasing it back into the river.

G&G editor in chief David DiBenedetto shows off a freshly-caught brown trout with his Patagonia River Ranch guide, Nico Uribe.

From left: Rick Stigliano, Bill Bianco, Keith Rypczyk, and Mike Doerfler enjoy the traditional Asado on the final evening of the trip.

Photo: Seba De Praxis

Master Chef Claudio prepares the main course, butterflied lamb and beef cooked over an open fire, for the festive farewell meal.

G&G guests and their Patagonia River Ranch hosts gather together as the event comes to a close.

Photo: Seba De Praxis