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Great Southern Romances

G&G readers share photos of their families' love stories
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These are my grandparents, Judge William Clark O’Kelley and Ernestine Allen O’Kelley, on their honeymoon in Miami Beach, FL, in 1953. The honeymoon also doubled as a work trip – a lawyers’ conference came up but my grandfather didn’t want to make my grandmother wait for her getaway. —Frances Wood

My paternal grandparents, Woodrow Wilson Brown and Rita Mordica Brown at an unknown Hattiesburg, MS, function in 1939. On the way to 40 years of marriage, eight children, and countless grandchildren.—Christopher Brown

My mom and dad, Bob and Karol Anderson, from 1967 at the East Tennessee State University homecoming football game. They were married in Johnson City, TN, on March 20, 1970 and have been married almost 44 years.—Ashleigh Anderson

My grandparents Paul and Sue Bacon, from Wiggins, MS, trying on straw hats while on vacation. They met in McComb, MS, at a friend’s party on a blind date in 1948.—Kreg Overstreet

My grandmother and grand-daddy, Sam and Dot File (Salisbury, NC), were married in 1934. They built their home right next to my great-grandparents farm (Dot’s parents) and resided in that same home their entire lives. Their love was steadfast and simple, celebrating almost 60 years of marriage until they were separated by Sam’s passing in the early 90s.—Donna Clements

My grandparents, Garfield and Velma Radford enjoying a vacation on the Florida shore around 1972, far from their farm in Floyd, VA.—Glen Radford

My grandparents in Coronado, CA (1952) where they met for the first time. My grandfather, Bill Wade (of Nashville, TN) was a Vanderbilt University All-Star QB and the #1 draft pick for the NFL. My grandmother, Sharon Townsend, was being crowned Coronado High School Queen. He was in California to enlist in the Navy for two years before beginning his pro career, so a photographer snapped this photo for PR/press opp! They are both currently still residing in Nashville, TN.—Jenna Farro

My grandparents James and Mary Turner. He’s from Statesville, NC, and she was from Philadelphia. After raising a family in Richmond they retired to a cottage on the Rappahannock River near Urbanna, site of years of summer family gatherings.—Bill LeSueur

My grandparents Edsel and Eunice Holland in Greensboro, NC (circa 1948).—Brandi Mills

This is a photo of my great-grandfather, Chester Arthur Mullis, and my great-grandmother, Mary Carter Mullis. This photo was taken in 1909 in Waycross, GA. This was the only suit Chester owned. He was a farmer in Waycross. They were married at age 18.—Warren Mullis

My great aunt and uncle, Elva and Eula Miller, of Nashville, TN. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of times spent in their home on Granny White Pike. Elva was the cook, but Eula made phenomenal cornbread. I remember them “squabbling” in the kitchen, but it involved a lot of long glances and laughter and giggling behind a closed door. They were the real deal – lovers, friends, and partners to the end.—Laura Boulay

My grandparents John and June were high school sweethearts in the tiny town of Maynardville, TN. They were so sweet and so in love. In the mid-1990s, 45 years after they were married, my grandfather ran a little ad in the newspaper among other Valentine’s wishes that simply said, “June, What do you say we go for another 45 years? Love, John.” This picture is from sometime after they married. —Laura Beth Ingle

This photo is of my grandparents, William and Elizabeth Stewart, from Jacksonville, FL, on the city dock in Green Cove Springs, FL, in 1946. The love reflected in this photo shows how smitten they were with each other, which never changed during 41 years of marriage.—Angie Sanders

These are my parents, Garland and Lavilla Owens. They were married June 25, 1940. My dad was a tech sargent during WWII. Before being sent overseas, my mother followed him wherever he was stationed and would work in the office of the war plants making half tracks. In 1944, he was sent overseas to Europe until 1946. They were married 41 years.—Sally Gregory

My grandparents, Tommy and Ella Neil Holden of Inmna, SC. They met on a blind date in 1942, introduced by two friends at the Rainbow Lake State Park. They married and had four children. Grandaddy passed on in July of 2008 after nearly 65 years of marriage. My sweet grandmother will celebrate her 93rd birthday on February 10. I never saw them fight, and their love has been an inspiration to their children, grandchildren, and many others.—Jamie Pearson

This is a photo of my great-grandparents, Chloe Ann Gardner and Joseph Henry Pascal Johnson, on their wedding day, December 17, 1899. They were married at the Methodist Church in Du Pont, GA. The Johnsons were residents of Ray City, GA, for more than 40 years. They were well known in the community and operated businesses in Ray City and Nashville, TN. They raised ten children in Berrien County, GA, and eventually celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1949, a few short years before Joe’s death in 1953.—Julie Hutson

My grandparents, Nolan and Melba Weldon. 1941, Mississippi. They were married 48 years.—Amber McCormick

My parents, Sara and Luke Freeman, around 1946. They were married nearly 60 years!—Elizabeth Carter

My grandparents, Edna and Sam McElroy of Asheville, NC, on their wedding day. Two days later, he left for war. Nine months later, Edna gave birth to their first child. —Hope Branicki

When my grandparents Claudene and George Henry started courting George went to church everyday and prayed, “Please, Lord if you give this woman to me I will take care of her and love her for the rest of my life.” My grandmother eventually gave in and my grandpaw spent the next 65 years caring for and loving her every minute until he passed away last May.—Georgia Perry

This a picture of my wonderful grandparents, Jane and JC Farley, of Columbia, SC. Granny and Papa are die hard Gamecocks, and this picture was taken in 1944 in front of the biology and chemistry building on the University of South Carolina’s campus, where they met. Two years later on April 6, 1946, they were married, and are coming up on their 68th anniversary!—Patee Tomsic

My grandfather William H. Goff and my grandmother Barbara E. Goff at my grandfather’s 1953 senior prom at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY. They were married the following year on New Year’s Day and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past January.—Andrew Goff

These are my parents, Staff Sgt. David Spears and Shelby Mayes. They met on a blind date at Tennessee’s Hawkins County Fair and married six months later on February 13, 1954. Their son Frankie was born in June. In true Southern fashion, it was a shotgun wedding. Shelby’s father was a lawman in town, and locked David up when he found up his only daughter was in the family way. David finally convinced Shelby (and her daddy) there was nothing more romantic than honeymooning on Valentine’s Day. It proved to be the love of a lifetime. David was killed in Vietnam in 1966 and Shelby never remarried.—Karen Zacharias

This is a photo of my husband and me, Richard and Kay Lowman Roscoe, on our wedding day, June 24, 1967, in my hometown of Tampa, FL. We met in Okinawa, Japan, where I was a seventh grade English teacher with the DOD, and he was a captain in the Marine Corps and a fighter pilot. This year we will celebrate our 47th anniversary.—Kay Roscoe

My grandparents, Alfred and Betty Cowles of Red Banks, MS, continue to culture me through their love of opera, good food, and stories of the past. After restoring an antebellum home and raising four children, these two have spent their years traveling the world and are still madly in love. —Elizabeth Latham

This is a picture of my grandparents, Walter and Helen Dillard. They grew up together in Murfreesboro, AR, and married in 1939.—Michelle Haygood

My aunt and uncle, Vivian and Oscar Richburg (from Georgetown, SC) sitting on the Sampit River Bridge with International Paper Mill in the background. This particular Sunday afternoon with little to do in Georgetown resulted in a “moment” that continues today. After 66 years, I am happy to say they are still the ones for each other.—Gladys Correll

This photo is of my parents, Dot and Haskell Brady, and was taken on their wedding day on March 3, 1946 in Carnesville, GA. He was a WWII veteran. They remained devoted to each other and were married for 65 years before they each passed away in 2011. —Marilyn Whorton

My parents Dean and Joy McDaniel were married in 1952 and remained so until my father passed in 1996. Here they are, New Year’s Eve 1951 in Atlanta, with Dad taking time off from Army training. —Gary McDaniel

These are my paternal great-grandparents, Gilbert Moseley Boddington and Mary Helen (Farr) Boddington. This photo was taken in Columbus, KS, in 1926. My dad says they were likely traveling to visit her parents, possibly to introduce them to her beloved “Gibby.” They eventually settled in Little Rock, AR. —Nicole Boddington

This is a photo of my grandparents in 1957. This was at their wedding in Gastonia, NC. They are born and raised “Charlotte-teans” and raised their four children, eleven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild to be gracious, caring, and to share God’s love with everyone they came in contact with. My grandpa, Gaga, was known for his Oldsmobile (in the photo), his Sperry beach shoes, his seven hunting dogs, and most of all his love for my grandmother, Jeanne (Mimi). —Whitney Harper

This is my favorite photo of my grandparents, Edith and Bill Wiltshire, at a New Year’s Eve party in Italy in the 1950s. My grandmother is from New Orleans, LA, and fell in love with my grandfather, a Navy pilot at the time. They moved to Pensacola, FL, and are still living there today. I speak to my grandmother at least twice a week!—Mary Spotswood

My parents, R. Patrick McGregor, a Citadel cadet, and Terrianne DuBose, a nursing student at the Medical University of South Carolina, first met and later married in Charleston. This photo was taken as they left their wedding reception in 1968. The pair has since traveled the world together, raised four children, and are the proud grandparents of four adorable girls. They currently reside in Wisconsin. Patrick (a native Charlestonian) and Terrianne (originally from Columbia, SC) will always have a special place in their hearts for the Holy City where their lasting legacy of friendship and love first began.—Merrill McGregor

This is a picture of my paternal grandparents, Fred and Susanne Beard on their wedding day, September 5, 1942. They were childhood sweethearts. Their sitters were friends and would walk my grandparents as babies. They were married almost 68 years. I love this picture knowing what a long and wonderful life they had together!—Frances Glenn

My grandparents, Richard (Dick) and Carol Harman of Elkridge, MD, right before he left for WWII. Married at 17 and 18 and spent their whole lives together. Later retired to Winchester, VA.—Donnie Davis

These are my parents, Marie and Jimmy Harrison. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on December 26, 2013. This photo was taken on the wharf in Point Clear, AL. I’m guessing the year was around 1976. We still have the house in Point Clear but this wharf has been replaced numerous times due to hurricanes. Every time one hits and takes away the wharf Mom says she is never going to build one again, but Dad always does!—Shannon Huber

These are my paternal grandparents, Charles Marshall and Ethel Sandidge Blair, in their hometown of Chatham, VA. My grandfather had just returned from submarine service in the Pacific during World War II. They were married 49 years. Can’t get over my granny’s stylish dress!—Laura Blair

My parents, Bryce and Mae Martin, from Parrish, AL (circa 1948). On a date prior to marriage at Lookout Mountain, TN. They would get married a year later prior to my father joining the Army and serving in the 2nd Infantry in Korea. He earned the Bronze Star. They were married 58 years.—Jeff Martin

My grandparents Joe and Elizabeth Lightner in Winchester, KY, around 1945.  This vintage selfie was taken after my grandfather returned from WWII before they were married.  He was a radio operator on a B24 bomber.  Note the bomber jacket, just one of the million things I adore about this photo.  They have been married for 67 years and will both turn 91 this spring.—Brittany Neely

My parents, Bill and Ruby Hawn-Jones. They met and were married in the early 1940s, raised three children together, and created precious family memories throughout their 50-year marriage. I am grateful for the legacy they left to me and hope my legacy to my children is just as treasured.—Jill Jones-Lazuka

This is a photo of my maternal grandparents, Mildred Suggs Penry and Hill Penry, in front of their home in Denton, NC. They were married in 1947, probably not long before this photo was taken. My grandfather was the owner of Denton Hardware Co., and my grandmother was a homemaker for many years before working for Thornton Knitting Co. She also made the best sweet tea I’ve ever tasted!—Jason Schneider

These are my maternal grandparents, Dr. Robert Shaw Bowling, Jr. and Margaret Elizabeth “Betty” Champion. Dr. Bowling was a native of Leroy, AL, and Betty a native of Coffeeville, AL.—Ashley Coleman

This is my mom and dad, Tom and Sue Henderson, early in their marriage. The photo was taken in 1956 or 1957. They were high school sweethearts in Matewan, WV. They traveled the world together, but went home to West Virginia for retirement. They were married 51 years and continued to look at one another like this.—Mira Mattern

This is a photo of my grandparents Charles and Rita Snowden walking through Highland Park in Meridian, MS. He passed her a note in third grade that read, “I think you’re pretty.” She proposed marriage when he was called to WWII. They were married for 72 until his death. She still loves him.—Matt Snowden

This image of my parents, Owen Duvall and Doris Shattles Duvall, was taken shortly after they started dating in 1938 at Stone Mountain, GA. Owen was 18 years old and Doris was 15. They were married two years later and remained married until my father’s death.—Janet McDonald

My parents John and Kathy Barnes in 1984 at the Tanglewood steeplechase in Winston-Salem, NC.—Allison Barnes

My grandmother, Rebecca Ross Williamson, an Eastern Carolina University graduate, and my grandfather, Robert Williamson (Stetson University), met in an airplane while she was a stewardess. Although he was a pilot, he wasn’t flying the plane at the time. Sadly they passed away doing something they both loved—flying. —Kelly Williamson

My grandparents, Lavenia Mae Sisco of Bell, TX, and Dr. Henry Young of Rocky Mount, NC.  Granddaddy was a captain in the Army, and Grandmother a nursing student in Abilene when they were introduced on a blind date by her roommate at school.  This is a wedding picture taken in 1943 at my great-grandfather’s farm in Bell, just a few short months later. I have never known two people to worship one another the way these two did!  Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve sitting at my grandmother’s feet while she told me stories of their courtship.—Caroline Young

These are my grandparents, James Lee Wilcox and Agnes Wilcox. The photo was taken in Nashville, TN, in 1946 when my grandfather was in college there.—Laura Wilcox

These are my parents on their first beach trip together while dating in the 70s. While the amount of fabric in their lives has increased, so has their love for one other and for the southern coast. Today they can often be found in much the same way outside of their home on St. Simons Island, GA.—Trey Muller

My mom and dad, Aurelia and Ed Norwood from Macon, GA, during the 1940s. This picture is from one of their dates before they were married.—Guerry Norwood

This photo is of my maternal grandparents, Cleve and Mae Sparks, taken in 1913. Sadly I did not get to know Mae as she died before my mother was married in 1945, but I love this photo. They had six children. —Marilyn Whorton

Sid and Maude Parton – a great couple, and even better parents and grandparents. Though their Robinson, TX, home was modest by today’s standards, each Christmas Eve family, extended family (from both sides) and friends found the Parton household the place to be. As a family friend said when she saw this photo, “They were beautiful people and I still miss them.”—John Parton

Here is a picture of my grandparents, Mary and Steve Pappas by the family boat in Greece. This photo was taken in Athens, Greece in the 1950s. They are first generation Americans, born and raised in Charlotte, NC.—Stephanie Pappas

These are my parents, Huey and Agnes Hamilton, who were married in 1946. They are both of Jasper, AL. They were married at Ft. McClellan on the Army base. He was on leave from the Navy. They passed away 20 years ago but had a wonderful love story!—Willene Keith

This “courtship” photo of my parents, Margie Harley Sheppard and George L. Sheppard, Jr., was taken in 1960 at my mother’s senior formal at Columbia College in Columbia, SC. They went on to wed in 1963 and raise three daughters, for whom they set a wonderful example of love and commitment. This beautiful couple was happily married for 48 years until my father’s death in 2012.—Leslie Conroy

My sweet grandparents— mama Faye and daddy Bill.—Bradley Rogers

David Thompson (Little Rock, AR) and Maidee Tabeling Thompson (Jacksonville, FL) did not get a honeymoon vacation. Introduced by her brother, Roy, in late 1941 at a Pensacola Naval Air Training school dance, David received his wings on December 14, 1941, a week after Pearl Harbor. The Navy stationed them in many places. By the time they retired they had moved over 20 times and when he died in 1993, they had been married for over 50 years.—Jeffrey Dick

My grandparents, Otterree Cooper and Jennie Lynn Tinkler on the Lando Bridge in Lando, SC, 1946.—Donkey Dover

Pictured here around 1960 is my father, Dr. T. A. Peterson, serving my mother, Ruth Peterson, breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning at their getaway cabin in the piney woods outside of Ailey, GA. Whether at home in Savannah, GA, or here at the cabin, “Pete”, as my mama lovingly called my daddy, cooked and served her breakfast in bed every Sunday morning of my childhood. Now that’s a hard act to follow!—Paige Kinney

This photo of my in-laws, newlyweds H. Frank Glenn and Pat M. Glenn was taken at the Mighty 8th Air Force dance just before Frank left to become a bombardier in the European Theater. Three years and over 30 missions later, they reunited and remained married for 64 years, living in Jacksonville, FL, and on Baisden Bluff in Crescent, GA.—Mary Glenn

My grandmother (Lenora Willett of Fancy Farm, KY) and grandfather (Wilbur Turney of Cullman, AL) before they married. They married in 1954 and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary shortly before Wilbur passed away in 2004. Lenora still lives in the house they shared for more than 40 years in Virginia. —Amelia Turney

This photograph was taken early 1930s in Clanton, AL. It is taken of my maternal great-grandparents. The back reads “Essie and Bud Bradley, with a dog named Lady”. Essie and Bud raised seven children together in the 1920s and 1930s in rural Alabama, one of whom was my grandfather who served during the Berlin Air Lift following WWII.—Eloise Smith

My paternal grandparents, John C. and Alice Lemann Weed of New Orleans, LA. We believe this sweet moment was captured shortly before Pops was deployed with the Army Medical Corp as a combat surgeon during the North Africa and Italy campaigns with General Patton during WWII. They were married in 1936 until Grandmother’s death in 1989.—Sarah Cahill

My beautiful grandparents, Dee and Louise Parnell, in 1942 while they were still dating. They were a great example of how it is possible to stay this in love and connected to someone for 65+ years!—Emily Marlow

This is a picture of my grandparents, Norman and Barbara Mitchell from when they were dating in Jockey’s Ridge, NC.—Casey Parvin

These are my grandparents, who were married in 1942. This photo was taken right before he left for Japan, to fight for our country in WWII, when he was drafted into the Marines. They were married for over fifty years until his death from lung cancer in the early 90s. A true great Southern romance.—Reid Phillips

My parents on their honeymoon in Cuba in 1953.—Elizabeth Clemons

This is a picture of my mom and dad, John and Debbie – the original Jack and Diane. True high school sweethearts and my wonderful parents, circa 1970 in Roanoke, VA. My dad joined the Navy the next year during the Vietnam War and my mom graduated from high school. I came along in 1972. This romance lasted until my dad passed in 2003 from stomach cancer. What a treasure they are to me.—Tracy Hall

My grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William V. Tyson, Jr., in 1964 at the Blue Room of the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, LA.—Lauren Lantz Marona

My parents, George and Brenda Marlow, before a high school dance in Crossville, TN. Three children, four grandchildren, and 40 years later, they are still as precious as ever!—Kelly Marlow

My parents, Ken and Sylvia Smith, in June 1973. It was the summer after high school graduation from Butler High School in Huntsville, AL. They were best friends in high school, married four years after, and still best friends today.—Eloise Smith

These are my parents, Jane and Bo. They were sophomores at Vanderbilt, she from Atlanta and he from Dalton, GA. Her friend, Tom, asked her if she would make a birthday cake for one of his friend’s 19th birthday party. He happened to be a cute Vandy linebacker. He also happened to like the cake and asked the baker on a date. My parents got married in 1973 at the ripe age of 21. Nine kids, 40 years, and lots of birthday cakes later, they still have these smiles for each other. —Holly Patton

My grandparents, Joe and Sally Nelson. They are no longer with us, but this photo was taken at their home in the small east Texas town of Carthage. —Derek Nelson

Timmie and Ralph Voyles, who have been married 57 years this past November. They are from Spartanburg, SC.—Anna Hodge

This is a picture of my parents, Charles and Earnestine McCain, looking very dapper and debonair as they enjoy a couple of Coca-Colas at the Thomas Sundry in Batesville, MS, in the early 1960s. My mom and dad were married 43 years, until Dad passed away in 2004. He was a WWII veteran and farmer, and my mother was a school teacher. She still lives in the same home they built together in 1960 where they raised ten children.—Dex McCain

My grandparents, Barney and Sally Bland. Originally from eastern North Carolina, they were married on Christmas Day 1941 after waking up the Methodist minister at his home to perform the ceremony.—Anne Booher

My grandparents, Albert and Edna Chambers, at the annual county fair in Wolfe County, KY, in 1950. They are pictured holding their first born, a daughter named Dora.—Michael Chambers

These are my parents, Paula and Mark Hennessy of Atlanta, GA, married 33 years in June. They are the best parent and partner role models a daughter could ask for. I hope to one day find a love like theirs. —Molly Hennessy

This is Bob and Mary Doughtie. In 1952, with an eighth grade education, Mr. Doughtie and his family embarked on creating a great tasting barbecue that grew from a small family business into a publicly traded company. Beyond the historic Doughtie brand, this Portsmouth, VA, couple were the beloved parents of three beautiful daughters – Bobbie, Mac, and Elsie. The barbecue business is now run by a third generation of the Doughtie family. We owe everything to Bob Doughtie’s vision and courage.—Kelli Horton

Here are my grandparents, David and Nelwyn Mealor of Newnan, GA, leaving their wedding reception. They met when my grandfather was in the military during WWII and fell in love immediately. They were married in December 1945, and raised seven children with patience and grace. They were married for 62 years. My grandfather still lives in Newnan. He wears his wedding band and tears up when talking about my grandmother.—Liza Grueneberger

This photo is of my mother’s parents, my Grammie and Grand Dad, couples skating in the 70s. They moved half way across the country in the 60s from Pennsylvania to Arkansas for his factory relocation job and soon opened the town’s first and only roller rink. With a few “retirements” reminiscent of Brett Farve’s career, they’re now breaking into their eighties and still run the rink today with more charisma and stamina than anyone else that’s ever tried their hand in running the business!—Matt Hagler

My parents, Randolph and Juanita (Bryant) Mullins were married 66 years. They met in my grandmother’s restaurant in Jenkins, KY.—Lisa Thompson

These are my parents Bill and Diane Moseley from Lancaster, SC. We will celebrate their 50th anniversary this April. They were married in 1964 after only four months of dating. They have three children and four grandchildren. The picture was taken moments after tying the knot in ’64. My mother was 22 and my father 25.—Susan Ardrey

My grandparents, Otis and Edna Dyal on their honeymoon in Roanoke, VA, February 29, 1936. They were married 60 years, and died six months apart. They don’t make them like that anymore.—Ashley Thomas

These are my grandparents. Harold and Virginia Lamkin Grimes have been married nearly 62 years. They met while in high school in Pine Apple, AL. Hal proposed to my grandmother on the day she graduated from high school (two years after him), and she packed her bags and moved to Auburn, AL, to be closer to him. He was studying agronomy and soils, and participating in ROTC. They continued to date until he finished school.—Elizabeth Grimes

These are my grandparents, Jack and Carolyn Shackelford Hammond. My grandfather was a native of South Bend, IN.  When he was fighting in France during WWII he was wounded and started writing to a friend of another soldier back in Abbeville, GA.  As soon as he made it back to the U.S., he moved south for a true Southern belle and never left Abbeville. They were married for 66 years before Jack passed away.—Heather NeSmith

The dime booth photo of my grandparents, Bill and Vechel Judd on the night they met. This was taken at the Putnam County (TN) Fair in 1947.—Chris Adams

My sweet parents, Bob and Susan Comer, fishing off the Charleston coast in the 1970s. They met at the College of Charleston and have been married for 37 years!—Jamieson Comer

My grandparents, George and Mary Ellen Piper, of Tuscumbia, AL (known as Tuddy and Granddaddy). They corresponded as pen pals during World War II and finally met in person when the war was over, and married soon afterward.—Jessica Piper

My parents, John and Lonie Eagerton, with me at four years old in Timmonsville, SC, in 1944. My dad was leaving to rejoin his Army unit headed for the Pacific Theater in WWII. I had two older brothers, five-year-old Robert and six-year-old David. Thankfully, our dad returned and our parents celebrated 67 years of marriage. Another son, Stephen, was born in 1957.—Linda Russell

My paternal grandparents, James and Christine Spurling, from Turtletown, TN. True love at first sight, they were married for over 50 years. They were so in love you could see it. I always said I hope to find the kind of love they shared.—Marcella Spurling

This is my aunt and uncle, Betty and M.L. Coleman. They lived in Louisiana and were married in 1946.—Martha Maupin Whitaker

These are my maternal grandparents Melton and Ophelia (Price) Moore. This was taken somewhere around Pike County, MS, while they were dating. Their wedding date was February 27, 1944, and they were married for 58 years until her passing in 2002. Theirs was a storybook romance. Nobody ever loved anyone more than my grandparents loved each other, and my grandfather said marrying his wife was the greatest thing he ever did. Gran and Grandaddy lived in McComb, MS, for their entire marriage (except during his time in the service during WWII).—Thomas Hewitt

These are my parents, Rhodes and Margaret Perdue. They were both born and raised and lived their entire lives in Atlanta, GA. This was on their honeymoon in Jamaica in February 1952. They were married for 55 years until my father died in 2007. —David Perdue

My parents, Carl and Lethea Sexton. This picture was taken in High Point, NC, in 1936.—Mike Sexton

My parents, Burlan and Arlene Crawford of Weaverville, NC, sharing a hug and laugh on their couch. Dad’s smile says it all! All these years later, three girls and six grandchildren—life is still good!—Marilyn Wright

My grandparents, Burke and Katherine Gibson, from Jonesboro, AR, while they were dating in 1947. They went on a trip together to Hot Springs, AR, and this picture was taken somewhere along the way. On April 19, 1948, my grandparents were married at my grandmother’s family home in Weiner, AR. They have been living in Jonesboro ever since and have been happily married for over 65 years.—Mallory Gibson