Southern Masters

Works by John Alexander

An extremely brief retrospective, with comments from the artist
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The Dinner Party

Oil on canvas, 90″ x 100″ (1986)

“This is the dinner party that most of us have been to at one point in our lives.”

Watching the False Prophet

Oil on canvas, 90″ x 100″ (1986)

“Many people think of it as a painting about the Crucifixion, but it could just as easily have been based on a scarecrow.”

Mama Wanted a Dancer But All He Wanted to Do Was Fish

Oil on canvas, 44″ x 46″ (1989)

“It’s about a troubled young man who’s having difficulty finding his way.”

The Mighty Bog

Oil on canvas, 64″ x 72″ (1997)

“This painting is my attempt to paint something that’s sublimely beautiful. Nothing more, nothing less.”


Watercolor, 16″ x 20 1/4″ (2001)

“In my paintings, whether they are fish or fowl, I try to give them a personality that’s human. And I know a lot of people who look like flounders.”

High Cotton

Oil on canvas, 60″ x 70″ (2005)

“When I was growing up, the term <i>high cotton</i> meant you had come into a whole lot of money. It was a term so far removed from the reality of a cotton field, I always thought it was kind of twisted.”