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The Southern pitmasters share a few rules of thumb


The Piedmont town has a serious barbecue obsession—and family-run shops of all kinds

Food & Drink

A Memphis barbecue institution marks seventy-five years

Food & Drink

One of the best brisket cooks in the Lone Star State (and therefore the world), Chuck Charnichart is following her own path with Barbs-B-Q—and building a barbecue future without borders

Food & Drink

If you’re drawn to the smell of barbecue in downtown Memphis, chances are that Henry Morris is at work


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Food & Drink

Demolished in the deadly tornado outbreak that struck Mayfield last December, the nearly seventy-year-old Carr’s Barn Bar-B-Q returns with a helping of hope

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How Dusty Miller transformed his father’s deer-processing business into a hotbed of smoky flavor

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