A woman presses a green vintage sewing machine on boxwood and cedar sprigs on a wood table.

Home & Garden

Floral artist Mary Spotswood Underwood demonstrates why you need this old-fashioned contraption

A coup glass with a cocktail on a green background


Give your nog a nudge with this mixologist-approved interpretation

An illustration of a boy wearing a Santa costume in a mall with a Christmas tree


For a young boy, holiday magic arrived in the form of a little red suit

A grand living room with Christmas decor and a lit-up tree

Home & Garden

We may not all have a 250-room chateau, but it’s the holidays, and we can dream!

An illustration of a woman wearing a sweater and scarf waving down a garbage truck carrying a huge decorated Christmas tree

Country Accent

A nuisance tree finds redemption during the holidays

A woman stands behind a table with wreath-making supplies. There is a Spinone Italiano dog at her feet. A giant brick fireplace is behind her, and wicker baskets hang from the ceiling.

Home & Garden

Wild holly, dried pecan shells, magnolia cuttings, and more natural beauty plucked from along the Rappahannock River transform into decor that makes a family’s formal Virginia house feel like home

A glass of red wine with foam on top and spices on the foam; it is on a blurred background of a wood round bar cart and a red rug. There is pine greenery and an orange by the glass


A Virginia entertaining guru reimagines an old English classic sipper that tastes like “Christmas in a glass”

An open-air courtyard planted with native grasses, trees, and flowering sage

Arts & Culture

Surfing Santas, possum drops, and more singular events

Arts & Culture

How trimming a tree can be a trip down memory lane


Pitmaster John Lewis shares his recipes for the borderland red and green chile sauces of his childhood

Arts & Culture

A newbie gets the spirit of the season at Dolly Parton’s theme park


The season rocks a little more merrily with the best-selling holiday album of all time

This Land

The lasting gifts of Christmas spirit along a South Carolina mail route

Home & Garden

An ode to the Southern art of holiday overdecorating

Ask G&G

Heart-rocking tracks to make your spirits bright

Arts & Culture

Buy a permit, get to chopping, and help forest conservation along the way

Food & Drink

Southern Italy meets the South in a scrumptious holiday tradition

Ask G&G

Holiday dawdlers, clabber meals, and moonshine runners

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Southern musicians have always innovated with holiday songs—think “Pretty Paper” and “Hard Candy Christmas.” These new releases from artists like Rodney Crowell and Old 97’s mix time-honored favorites and future classics