College Football

Food & Drink

Hugh Acheson’s Guide to Football Food

The Athens, Georgia, chef on setting out a winning spread

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Who They’re Cheering For

A sampling of Southerners’ predictions for the national championship game

Arts & Culture

Why You Should Pull for Alabama

Dynasties don’t last forever, so let’s roll with the Tide while we can

Arts & Culture

Why You Should Pull for Georgia

These Dawgs are hungry, fresh, and fun to watch. How ’bout them?

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Where to Find a Good Cocktail in Every SEC Town

Looking for a polished pre-game drink? Check out these college-town bars

End of the Line

Fightin’ Words

Making a fuss about Faulkner and college football


Six Great New College-Town Hotels

Elevate your game-day weekend at these stylish Southern spots

Ask G&G

Love Thy Neighbor

Thoughts on rivalry football couples, dove-hunting duds, and classic Southern beach reads


Between the Hedges with Vince Dooley

Hall of Fame football coach, athletic director… master gardener? How the University of Georgia legend found a second love on the turf around Athens


‘Saban’ A Tidal Force

Going long on college football’s top power player


Remembering College Football’s Most Lopsided Victory

Marking the anniversary of Georgia Tech’s 222–0 win over Cumberland University

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Southern Football by the Numbers

Breaking down the statistics behind the South’s powerhouse college teams

Ask G&G

Football Loyalties Divided and More

Thoughts on two-faced fans, sitting etiquette, and the party invite that didn’t arrive

Sporting Scene

The Game Goes On

Forget standings and scores. In these parts, college football is about more than winning or losing