How to Have a Winning Football Weekend in Columbia, South Carolina

A spirited itinerary for before, during, and after the tailgate


Where to Go in Columbia, South Carolina

A handful of Soda City highlights


Destination Pimento Cheese

Columbia not only has an important tie to pimento cheese, it also offers a passport to experience the signature Southern spread in a variety of unique ways throughout the heart of South Carolina

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A Dining Guide to Columbia, South Carolina

When it comes to adventurous dining, the South Carolina capital is full of surprises

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Craig Melvin’s Carolina Roots

How the Today show news anchor wears his Southern pride on his sleeve

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Columbia Is Calling

A guide to the ultimate romantic weekend in Columbia, South Carolina


Weekend Getaway: Columbia, South Carolina

Eight reasons to escape to the capital city this summer

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The Bonds of Brotherhood—and Beef Jerky

More than forty years after being separated at birth, two Carolina brothers found each other—and a common love of food

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From Columbia SC, with Love

Seventy-two hours in the Real Southern Hot Spot

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The Low-Key Food City of the South

From passion-project coffee to steaks with a view to waffle cones made with local eggs, there are more delicious reasons than ever to visit Columbia, South Carlolina

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A Proper Pimento Burger

How to spot an old-school pimento cheese burger