A woman sits at a desk and works on a taxidermy duck

Arts & Culture

From her Virginia studio, a taxidermist resurrects the beauty of the field

Bradford pear trees in bloom

Land & Conservation

One by one, states are banning the beautiful but invasive tree—and for good reason

A man stands in a swamp with a camera

Land & Conservation

Through alligators, cypress trees, panthers, spoonbills, and ghost orchids, Mac Stone invites everyone to experience—and care about—what’s in our backyards and beyond

A group of cypress trees in a swamp with a purple sky

Land & Conservation

The Gainesville conservationist captured roaming Florida panthers, rainbows over tree islands, and basking alligators in the name of saving the “river of grass”

Several wild turkeys in a field

Land & Conservation

The trend has individuals and states rethinking their strategies

A yellow American finch perches on top of a coneflower in a field of coneflowers.

Home & Garden

Feathered friends will sing their praises over these native blooming vines, seed-laden flowers, and berry bushes. Plus: Tips and tricks for taking a naturalist approach to gardening

A man holds a board and paintbrush while sitting in a field

Land & Conservation

The native prairies of Texas—both remnant and restored—shift an artist’s perspective and inspire

A close up of a queen conch with long, googly-like eyes

Land & Conservation

What’s not to love? It’s all hands on deck to help these googly-eyed, spiral-shelled, hopping marine snails make a comeback in the Keys

A Florida panther stands in a forest with palm foliage

Land & Conservation

A new grant invites private landowners to help the Sunshine State’s iconic big cat roar back

Spectacular, sprawling live oak tree outside Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, which dates to 1852 and served as the seat of state government for 80 years. Designed by architect James Dakin, it now serves as a museum. Rather than mimic the national Capitol Building in Washington, as many other states had done, Dakin conceived a Neo-Gothic medieval-style castle overlooking the Mississippi. Fire destroyed most of the building during the U.S. Civil War of the 1850s. In 1882, it was rebuilt from scratch by architect William Freret, who installed the spiral staircase and stained-glass dome that are interior focal points.

Land & Conservation

A Lowcountry master arborist says yes—and shares how to help an aging tree’s chances

A woman holds a bird in her hand and kneels in the marshland

Land & Conservation

Through ecotours, advocacy, and artisanal salt, they’re sharing the flavors, history, and natural beauty of one of the East Coast’s wildest places

A close up of a browning palm tree

Land & Conservation

All about lethal bronzing disease—plus one scientist’s surprising solution

Two manatees in blue water

Land & Conservation

Yes—if we do it the right way. Here’s what to know

A man wearing camo and a hat holds a monarch butterfly gently in his mouth


Biologist Billy McCord has spent years tagging monarchs, and his research challenges what we thought we knew about the iconic species

A woman and man with a baby stand in the woods

Land & Conservation

Once the homestead of a conservation pioneer and a haven of rare irises, Briarwood Nature Preserve is blooming again

A maze of giant branches at the top of the Angel Oak tree

Land & Conservation

A beloved gathering spot and an emblem of resilience during the civil rights movement, this ancient South Carolina live oak is poised for an exciting future

A black-chinned hummingbird in flight

Land & Conservation

An unlikely team opens a window into the secret lives of the tiny animals

A woman stands over a car with kayaks in front of a parking lot to the Sewee Outpost

Our Kind of Place

Why the eclectic store is David DiBenedetto’s favorite stop on a familiar stretch of Highway 17

A black and white image of a group of men in suits approaching the meteorite at the University of Arkansas.


Nearly a century after it crashed to Earth in Northeast Arkansas, the Paragould meteorite finds its way home

An older man holds a leaf with children behind him

Land & Conservation

The beloved host of NatureScene and NatureNotes passed away earlier this week