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Sporting Scene

Curl Power: Poodles Return to the Field

A Georgia trainer revives the reputation of a historic gundog

Good Dog

Chasing the Blues

When a family needed to find home again, Shorty led the way

Good Dogs

Meet the Rescue Dogs—Who Become the Rescuers

Six teams of canines and their human handlers are heading to Florida to help conduct searches after Irma blows over

Good Dog

Walk Me!

How a soulful pug named James Brown helped a writer regain his stride

Good Dog

A Mythic Mutt

An exuberant stray named Troy proves that sometimes the last thing you want is just the thing you need

Arts & Culture

Giving Pit Bulls a Chance

North Carolina author Bronwen Dickey on what she learned writing her book, Pit Bull: The Battle Over An American Icon

Sporting Scene

The Quail Field Primeval

How a North Carolina plantation turned back the clock on bobwhite habitat

Good Dogs

Five of the South’s Best Gundog Trainers

Few things can match the sublime pleasure of working with a great dog in the field. But the dogs don’t usually start out great. These trainers are here to help


Georgia Pecan Truffles

Unearthed from Georgia orchards, a Southern secret is finding its way onto the table

Ask G&G

Weekend for the Dogs?

Lessons in canine hosting, the mother of all Thanksgivings, and paying the tab

Good Dogs

Heritage Hunt

Deep in the North Carolina Piedmont, one man has made sure that the storied tradition of taking to the field with a pack of beagles in mad pursuit of rabbits lives on

Good Dogs

The Education of a Bird Dog

For Ramin Jackson, training a gundog doesn’t start with shouting and shock collars. It starts with getting to know his pupil

Good Dog

The World’s Tiniest Bird Dog

How a tiny pooch turned out to be one bighearted bird dog

Good Dogs

Secrets to a Great Gun Dog

What you need to know before you train a gun dog

Good Dog

Licked to Death by a Pit Bull

And other tales of a faithful family dog

Good Dog

Who’s the Boss?

An alpha chef learns a few lessons from his alpha gun dog

50 Slideshow

Good Dogs

Best of the Best: Reader Dog Photos

Some of our editors' all-time favorite Reader Good Dog photos

Good Dog

A Marriage for the Dogs

Sometimes nuptials involve a merging of the packs

Good Dog

The Canine Criminal

Some dogs, while good at heart, are destined for trouble


Gold Diggers

As Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm prepares for its first truffle harvest, it is raising one of Italy’s oldest dog breeds to root them out