Sporting Life

Helice: Skeet on Steroids

A new shotgun sport that's the next best thing to live birds

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Guide to Trash Fish

From bycatch to unusual catches of the day, a growing appreciation for underutilized seafood is changing menus across the South

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Rick Bragg on Boys and Coon Dogs

For a group of young boys in the mountains, nothing beat the howl of a legendary coon dog

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Made in the South: Handcrafted Decoy Ducks

In the South Carolina Lowcountry, a devoted duck hunter carves hollow-bodied decoys loaded with history

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Alabama's Coon Dog Cemetery

Deep in the Alabama woods at the base of the Cumberland Mountains lies a cemetery like no other

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Fly Fishing's All-Star Cast

Some of the world's greatest anglers gather in the Florida Keys for a few days of instruction with some very lucky students

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The House of Beretta

For half a millennium, in a small valley in Italy, one family has been producing some of the finest guns in the world

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The Education of a Bird Dog

For Ramin Jackson, training a gundog doesn’t start with shouting and shock collars. It starts with getting to know his pupil

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Straight Shooters: Lindenwood Lions

One of the winningest programs in college athletics is the shooting team from a little-known university in Missouri. Last spring the Lindenwood Lions traveled to San Antonio with an unprecedented tenth consecutive national championship in their sights

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Time Machines: Crop Dusters

Deep in Alabama cotton country, a bumper crop of  World War II–era planes is being kept alive by a few dedicated pilots bent on preserving a piece of Southern history

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The Shell Hunter

For one Civil War relic collector, the past can be very much alive 

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