Sporting Life

Crazy for Quail

Think the golden age of wild Southern quail hunting is gone forever? Don't tell that to three South Carolina sportsmen who spent twenty long years transforming an old pine plantation into a wild bird haven

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Best of the Sporting South: Master of the Hunt

For the painter Eldridge Hardie, his art isn't just a vocation. It's a way of life

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Party Like a Southerner: The Floating Duck Camp

Each fall, this movable sportsman's retreat ferries hunters into the marshlands

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Tom Brokaw Heads into the Field

Catching up with the newsman and lifelong hunter

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Where to Shoot Helice

Without a doubt, the sport’s U.S.-stronghold is the state of Texas

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Guide to Trash Fish

From bycatch to unusual catches of the day, a growing appreciation for underutilized seafood is changing menus across the South

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Sporting Art on the Block

A look at a few of our favorite paintings on the block at Keeneland's second annual Sporting Art Auction

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2014 Good Dog Photo Contest Winners

Meet some of our favorites, including the overall winner, honorable mentions, and the top readers' choice entries from this year's contest

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Five Great Sporting Clays Courses

More than just good practice, these courses are as beautiful as they are challenging

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Alabama's Coon Dog Cemetery

Deep in the Alabama woods at the base of the Cumberland Mountains lies a cemetery like no other

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Sporting Scene: Hickory Golf

A growing group of golf classicists are swapping steel for hickory

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