Sporting Life

G&G Interview: Coach John McKissick

Newly retired South Carolina high school legend John McKissick, the winningest football coach in history, looks back at his storied career

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Best of the Sporting South: Field Guides

A top-notch guide can turn a bad day into a good one and a good day into an unforgettable experience. Hedge your bets with any of these eleven standouts

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The South's Top Gun

If you want to learn the art of British driven shooting—and shotgun shooting in general—there's no one better to see in the States than Chris Batha. Just don't let him catch you aiming

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Five Top Southern Fishing Spots

Throttle back your time at the office and hit any of these five Southern fly-fishing spots

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G&G On the Water

A look at some of our favorite fishing images

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Good Dog: The Girls' Club

In a house full of women, a dad makes peace with a storm-damaged, man-hating mutt

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