Hook, Line, and Picture

A photographer’s anthology of a life aquatic

A surf fisherman heaves one into the waves on Georgia's Cumberland Island.

Andy Anderson can swap fish tales with the best of them. From the Bahamas to the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Northwest, the photographer and G&G contributor has spent nearly two decades documenting coastal fishing in all of its briny glory. Now, he has gathered almost two hundred of his favorite shots in Salt: Coastal and Flats Fishing, a gorgeous chronicle of waterborne adventure.

Anderson captures fishermen as only a member of the tribe could, attuned to their dramas and joys. And when the going gets rough, he keeps on shooting. Whether bellying up to a bonefish in the Florida Keys, watching a bluefin boat emerge from a cloud of spray off the Atlantic coast, or capturing a wall of roaring surf looming over a North Carolina beach, Anderson is not afraid to put himself in the heart of the action—which helps explain why he has lost about a half dozen high-end cameras to the elements over the years. “I try to shoot photographs that aren’t just grip-and-grin,” he says. “I’m so tired of that.” As any angler can tell you, sometimes you get the best results by stepping outside the mainstream.