Made in the South Awards 2017

Urban Tree Cidery

This drink runner-up from Atlanta, Georgia offers a fresh approach to the popular craft beverage


Urban Tree Cidery's Urban Tree Classic Cider.

At Atlanta’s Urban Tree Cidery—the city’s first—founders Maria and Tim Resuta perform small alchemy. The couple, both certified as master cider makers, take humble fruit from a family-owned orchard in Mountain City, Georgia, and convert it into something spectacular. They offer three core ciders (Original, Classic, and Barrel Aged). And their once-seasonal ginger-habanero is so popular it’s now available year-round. If you find some modern artisanal ciders a little too tangy and a touch vinegary, their Classic offers an antidote. A mouthful starts with considerable authority and just a hint of green apple, but then unspools into something softer and sweeter, like a sudden view over spring orchards. That slightly honeyed flavor comes from a bit of apple juice they add to round the edges, and the gentle carbonation makes it all the more festive. At 6.5 percent alcohol, it’s ideal for slow sipping.

>Urban Tree Classic Cider, $13 per bottle ($78 per six-pack),


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> Drink runner-up: Jos. A. Magnus & Co.
> Drink runner-up: Urban Tree Cidery
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