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Hello, Dolly! Welcoming the Exclusive New G&G Boots

Dallas-based Miron Crosby designs a timeless Southern cowboy boot

Photo: Haley Jane

You don’t have to tell sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means that their cowboy boots are works of art—they live and breathe that idea every day as owners of Miron Crosby, a line of fashion-forward, handmade cowboy boots the duo founded in 2016 in Dallas, Texas. From electric colors to playful topstitching to metallic leathers, these are not looks tailored for wallflowers. Which is exactly why we teamed up with designers—runners-up in our 2018 Made in the South Awards, in the style category—to create the “Dolly” boot exclusively for readers, through the Fieldshop by Garden & Gun store. 

“We brainstormed and made mood boards, and kept coming back to the idea of something floral, but not too sweet,” Means says of the style. “We’ve gotten to know the women who work at G&G, and we looked to them for inspiration as well. Their Southern style is down-to-earth chic with a bit of whimsy.” So the sisters chose a tulip motif, popular in western culture, and rendered it in a kidskin inlay that begins at the back of the heel in navy and cream and grows over the boot itself. A bold stripe on the boot’s collar and ear pulls contrasts with the femininity of the flower. 

Haley Jane

The sisters’ shop is in Highland Park, but crafting each boot occurs at the 160-year-old factory Rios of Mercedes, where artisans hand inlay, hand appliqué, and hand finish each custom boot. “In a time when everything under the sun can be had at the click of a button,” Means says, “a product that is made in small batches feels special.” That exacting craftsmanship means that once ordered, the “Dolly” ($2,750; takes eight weeks to create. And if you’re eyeing these for a holiday gift, the last date to purchase to ensure delivery is September 9.