Southern Magnolia Garland: 3 Easy Ways

Add little embellishments to set off all that shiny, lush greenery this holiday season

Magnolia garland is beautiful all by itself, whether you hang it around a front door or drape it across a mantle. But adding a little embellishment sets off all that shiny, lush greenery even more. Here are three easy additions (we ordered our garland from North Carolina’s Weston Farms) that are a cinch to create.

Option 1: Moravian Star Ornaments

All photos by Margaret Houston

Handmade from paper in the eighteenth-century village of Old Salem, North Carolina, the 26-point shape represents the star of Bethlehem, and was introduced to America by German settlers. The delicate works of art come in three sizes.

Option 2: Aromatic Pomanders

Pomanders (citrus fruits studded with whole cloves), first introduced in the Medieval period, are a common sight during the holidays in colonial cities like Williamsburg, Virginia or any of the South’s citrus growing regions. Pomanders are simple to create: we used a nail to make a holes in the flesh of each piece of fruit, inserted cloves into the holes, and attached to the greenery using floral wire.

Option 3: Denim-wrapped Pinecones

Thanks to a renewed interest in hardworking, Southern-milled denim over the last few years, the material is enjoying a renaissance. So much so that it’s even being produced as decorative ribbon, available via sites such as Etsy. We wrapped Slash pinecones (abundant all over the deep South) with the ribbon and wove it into the greenery, leaving the ends loose.