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The Ice Is Right

The crushed kind is key for certain cocktails. And if you’re out of drive-thru range, this icemaker might be just the thing

Ah, Amazon Prime Day. The four-year-old summertime offspring of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is at hand, with tens of thousands of products for sale for some thirty-six hours via the world’s largest online retailer. We at Garden & Gun took a spin through the digital bazaar, finding decent deals on a smorgasbord of useful items, including binoculars, water bottles, beach cruisers, turkey hunting vests, coffee grinders, bocce sets, and more.

But what really caught our eye was this little gem of a kitchen appliance, something none of us have but all of us now crave: an icemaker. But not just any icemaker. The Opal Nugget Ice Maker makes Sonic-style ice. The crushed kind you need for Juleps. Or rum swizzles. Or any other summer cocktail that calls for crushed ice—the soft, sort-of pellet-y kind that you can buy in bulk from the Oklahoma-based fast-food chain… if there’s one nearby. But maybe you’re serving those cocktails at the lake house. Or the mountain cabin. Or some other place mercifully far from billboards and drive-thrus. If so, then the Opal is just the thing for you.

The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is going for $399 for members of Amazon Prime through Tuesday, July 17—a savings of $100.

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