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Waffle House Cooks up a Golf Shoe

Smothered, covered…and spiked?

Photo: Courtesy of Waffle House

The Adidas Tour360 and Waffle House sneaker.

Eat it, Air Jordans.

The latest in icon-branded athletic footwear reaches a whole new, and decidedly more stomach-filling level of fame as Waffle House lends its Southern style to a limited edition of the Adidas Tour360 golf shoe. (Yes, you just read the words “Waffle House” and “Adidas” in the same sentence.)

Cooked up just in time for the 2022 Masters (Waffle House is based in Georgia, after all), the shoe somehow manages to look subtle, yet inspired heel-to-toe by your favorite destination for post-revelry, comfort-food refueling. The leather upper, bearing an unmistakable waffle-grid pattern, is the light beige of sweet-cream batter, while the signature three Adidas stripes are the golden hue of the finished platter emerging from a hot iron. The iconic Waffle House yellow-squares logo appears smartly on the heel. And even the sole design evokes a swirly, messy pour of syrup—the way any footwear looks after it treads to a Waffle House booth at 3 a.m. A golf shoe this on-trend could shave a stroke off any duffer’s scorecard.

photo: Courtesy of Waffle House


“Because it’s fun,” says Waffle House spokesperson Njeri Boss with unassailable logic. “We love our customers, but try not to take ourselves too seriously and thought fans would really enjoy this.”

Waffle House shoes are a surefire social-media sensation—even the shoebox looks like a Waffle House exterior!—but will your local links soon be scattered, smothered, and covered with them as well? Though Adidas isn’t disclosing just how limited this limited-edition is, don’t be surprised to witness a sneakerhead rush on normally staid pro shops—especially on Southern courses. (Since the shoes will likely sell out, it’s awesome that Waffle House has reserved a few pair for the hard-working feet of its restaurant employees.)

Given contractual shoe endorsements, Boss can’t predict if any PGA players might be spotted sporting the shoes as they trod through Amen Corner—but adds that they would look mighty snazzy matched with a certain green blazer.

What’s next in Southern eatery-inspired golf apparel? Perhaps Biscuitville flat caps? Krispy Kreme knickerbockers? Lord, we can only hope.

Meanwhile, Boss invites all the pros who exit Augusta National after a bad round to console themselves with scrambled eggs and patty melts alongside all the other hungry folks at the nearest Waffle House. “Once they’re done playing, we say come on over,” she says. “We welcome any and all stripes. That’s what makes Waffle House so special.”

That, and its good taste in fashion.