Steve Russell


A “Smokehouse” Bloody Mary Starring Bourbon

The mixologist at Nearest Green Distillery dares to get saucy


What It’s Like to Paddle the Upper Gauley, West Virginia’s Famed Seasonal Rapids

The Mountain State is never more wild and wonderful than when fall unleashes whitewater madness. A dispatch from the first weekend of rafting season

Food & Drink

Sean Brock Announces His Next Nashville Venture: A Listening Bar

The celebrated restaurateur’s Bar Continental will tantalize mouths and ears


Boulevardier Meets Negroni in the Dad’s Counsel

A fatherly wisdom–inspired cocktail that chooses not to choose


Lowcountry-Boil Boiled Peanuts

Jimmy Hagood shares the Lowcountry alchemy that takes boiled peanuts to a new level of snacking deliciousness

Arts & Culture

Meet Blackmon Huckabee Jr., Clemson’s Viral TikTok Crooner

A Tiger wide receiver scores big on SportsCenter—with his singing voice


A Sneakerhead in the Kitchen: 450 Air Jordans and Counting

Virginia chef Travis Milton serves up a mouthwatering batch of Air Jordans

Food & Drink

Scratch Pasta Finds a Home

Come to the new Lynchburg storefront for the small-batch pastas, linger for more gourmet goodies

Food & Drink

How to Turn Your Vegetable Garden’s Bounty into Cocktails

Three mixologist-crafted recipes that transform summer produce into an especially fresh cocktail hour

Land & Conservation

Are Southern Summers Becoming Truly Unbearable? What “Wet-Bulb Temperature” Can Tell Us

Sweating the details of heat and humidity

Food & Drink

The Best Things at the Lynchburg Community Market

There’s always something new to be found at one of the nation’s oldest public markets


Walking Virginia’s Blue Ridge Tunnel

A former railway passage offers a fascinating stroll into the dark—and the past

Land & Conservation

Watch Rescuers Race to Save a Stranded Sea Turtle

Easier said than done when dealing with a three-hundred-pound animal mired in pluff mud

Land & Conservation

Mud Hole Etiquette

How to properly navigate a dirt road’s muck-filled abysses while not making them worse for the next driver

Food & Drink

Martha Foose Returns With a New Bakery in Mississippi’s Pine Belt

Loblolly is about to make Hattiesburg a little sweeter

Home & Garden

Five Edible Plants to Grow in the Shade

These shrubs and trees let you have your shade and eat it too

Food & Drink

Why Some Watermelons Are Duds and Others Are Damn Delicious

Ripeness is only part of the equation

Food & Drink

Chefs’ Picks: Seven Underrated Herbs to Grow

Southern culinary pros share the lesser-used ingredients that lend super-fresh flair to their favorite dishes

Arts & Culture

The World’s Largest Gathering of Grady-White Boats Drops Anchor Against Cancer

When the Puerto Rico owners club gets together, it’s for a good time and a great cause


Dive Into the Blue Ridge Swim Club, Charlottesville’s Secret Summer Escape

Pool meets creek at this beguiling, 110-year-old spot