Donovan Webster

Food & Drink

For the Love of the Game

When a group of the South’s finest chefs gather for a hunt, the only thing better than the camaraderie is the cooking


Heritage Homestead

A creative couple’s restored North Carolina spread gives a lesson in history and personal style

Land & Conservation

Fly Fishing in the Land of Giants

Deep in the jungle of South America, a prehistoric fish of massive proportions is at the heart of a new kind of tourism

Land & Conservation

Ted Turner: Going Native

Ted Turner’s latest acquisition is the nearly nine-thousand-acre Nonami Plantation, near Albany, Georgia. And like the other 2.1 million acres he owns, he wants to keep it untamed

Good Dogs

Secrets to a Great Gun Dog

What you need to know before you train a gun dog

Good Dogs

Leader of the Pack

Mike Stewart has turned the world of gun dog training upside down

Made in the South

Lee McCarty Pottery

Deep in the heart of the Delta, this Mississippi artist turns out the South’s most famous pottery

Sporting Scene

Whisper Fishing

Hailing from Japan, tenkara finds a home in the South

City Portrait

The Southern Flair of Washington, D.C.

Washington’s Southern ties may be fading, but it hasn’t entirely lost its drawl, especially when it comes to a few recent West Wing residents


Homeward Bound

After years of visiting the same spot in rural Georgia, a family builds a dream farm among the oaks


The Art of the Hunt

It’s taken over a decade, but one very passionate Atlanta businessman has amassed a collection of world-class sporting art

Made in the South

The Hard-Cider House Rules

How one woman chucked it all for a (hardworking) life among the apple trees


True Patriots

Virginia collector Michael Tuccori’s eighteenth-century Kentucky rifles are studies in American history


A Life in Pictures

Collector David Vaughan keeps the memory of Civil War soldiers alive – and on display