Jonathan Miles


Around the World in Five Southern Cookbooks

New blue-ribbon reads worth a spot in the kitchen


Anne Hull’s Ever-Changing Florida

The author’s vivid childhood makes for a captivating look back in her new book


On Dominica, the Ultimate Caribbean Castaway Experience

The island’s ferny trails zigzag into the jungle and the sea bubbles like champagne


Daniel Wallace Reckons with His Real-Life Idol

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Poetry in Motion: Three New Southern Collections

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A Bird-Watcher’s Epiphanies in the Blind

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good dog

Keeping Up with the Pack

Why settle for one dog when you can have five?


The Return of Cormac McCarthy

The celebrated author delivers back-to-back knockouts

Arts & Culture

Richard Powers’s Wild Voice

The novelist’s Great Smoky Mountains immersion laid the groundwork for his epic Pulitzer-winning tree novel. It also sparked a love affair between man and place that is upending Powers’s life and work


Going Deep on a Mysterious Mississippi Matricide

Beverly Lowry’s Deer Creek Drive revisits a midcentury murder in the Delta


Geraldine Brooks Rides a Horse for the Ages

Her new novel traces an incomparable equine down the stretch of history


A Kentucky Writer Captures the Stuff of Life

A new story collection revels in the messiness of life


The Chefs the South Forgot

A compelling new history enshrines past tastemakers


Imani Perry’s Unflinching Travelogue

A soul-shaking narrative joins the pantheon of Southern classics


Truman Capote’s Notorious Female Friendships

The secrets and scandals behind the writer’s circle of high-profile women


New Orleans Unfiltered

A native son’s story collection conjures the real Crescent City

In Good Spirits

A Cuba Libre for the Ages

How one writer learned to stop worrying and love the rum and Coke


Shining a Light on Ford and Edison’s Southern Utopia

A new book shares the story of their vision for an Alabama megacity


Jon Batiste’s Marvelous Melodicas

The musical renaissance man can trace his life in music with an impressive collection


Two New Books Exalt the Role of Black Pitmasters

Unpacking the new titles from Adrian Miller and Rodney Scott