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The Fantastical World of Frank Fleming

How an Alabama sculptor eschewed the conventions of the art establishment, and in the process found beauty and his calling among the beasts

Made in the South

String King Randy Wood

Meet Elvis Presley’s guitar man

Ask G&G

Ask G&G: Southern Advice on Mardi Gras and More

A Southern take on the answers to some of life’s thornier questions


Betsy Eby’s Fire Works

Blowtorched canvases evoke the rhythm and flow of nature


The Fiddle and the Voice

A young duo’s quest to honor old-time mountain music


Southern Masters: Stephen Scott Young

Nearly thirty years ago, the artist discovered his muse in the Bahamas and since then he has remained true to the people, the place––and his incredible talent

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Arts & Culture

The World of Stephen Scott Young

The G&G Interview

G&G Interview: Alfre Woodard

The Hollywood veteran lights up screens big and small

The High & the Low

Good Country, Bad Behavior

Marking the passing of two passion-filled lives

The G&G Interview

Homegrown Promise

Wendell Pierce on late-night po’boys, jazz joints, and why an actor would open a grocery store


Object Lessons

A Delta artist’s lost-and-found installations are part sculpture, part time capsule

The High & the Low

God, Gators, and Gumbo

Getting to the slippery truths about Louisiana’s favorite reptile


Taxidermy Gone Wild

Becca Barnet’s creations start with taxidermy and take off from there

End of the Line

Long Live RO*TEL

A few thoughts on learning to let go

The High & the Low

Songs of the South

A very subjective take on the ultimate Southern playlist

The G&G Interview

The Interview: Benjamin Walker

Georgia native Benjamin Walker may be conquering the Big Apple, but the actor hasnt left the South behind

End of the Line

Something to Chew On

A treatise on the noble chicken gizzard

The Southerner's Handbook

Homegrown Wisdom

A few words on Southern ingenuity

The Southerner's Handbook

How to Mind Your Manners

The quandaries of Southern etiquette

End of the Line

A Taste of Home

Meet a chili dog made for radio