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A garden with a stone house with pillars. Ivy grows on the roof of the house and flowerbeds and hedgerows lead to the front
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Jon Carloftis’s New Garden Design Guide

In a new book, a visionary Southern gardener shares his secrets

A man walks along a pathway in a garden

Home & Garden

Thirty Ways to Make Your Garden Look Older

Garden pros share tips for giving your green spot a sense of Southern story

Home & Garden

How to Turn Your Patio into an Edible Fall Garden

Advice from Plots & Pans’ Dominique Charles

in the garden

A North Carolina Waterfall Haven

In a placid patch of Cashiers mountainscape, design and nature happily commingle

In the Garden

The Best Plant They Ever Planted

Their answers were surprising (and surprisingly touching)

Home & Garden

Virginia in Bloom

When the farmer-florist Dee Hall couldn’t find a source for locally grown flowers near Norfolk, Virginia, she planted her own

Home & Garden

Yes, You Can Still Plant Tomatoes

One small perk of an endless summer

Home & Garden

The Best Potted Trees for the Patio, Porch, and Beyond

Southern garden experts weigh in with their picks and tricks

Home & Garden

Get to Know the Magnolias

Meet a handful of the showy floral stars, including Southern, saucer, bigleaf, and ‘Little Gem’

Home & Garden

Garden Glow-Ups

Make your green space a heaven on earth with these bucolic beauties

Home & Garden

Five Edible Plants to Grow in the Shade

These shrubs and trees let you have your shade and eat it too

Home & Garden

Planting a Pollinator’s Paradise

A Knoxville couple creates a garden for bees and butterflies on long-held family land


The Power of a Backyard Garden

How one Texas businesswoman’s patch of earth keeps her—and her family—grounded

Arts & Culture

A Hole-by-Hole Ranking of the Masters Plants

Because a green thumb is better than a green jacket


Secrets to Seaside Gardening

An old salt shares his tricks for beautifying the beloved Blockade Runner Beach Resort

Home & Garden

Six Trees that Signal Springtime

Magnolia, dogwood, plus some surprising varieties you’ll want to add to your yard

Home & Garden

Six Ways Southern Gardeners Can Outsmart Climate Change

As hardiness zones shift and temperatures warm unevenly, choose the right plants and help them thrive


In Praise of Wildness

What my mother’s garden taught me about writing, life, and making room for the unruly

Home & Garden

Help! What’s the Best Way to Capture How My Garden Grows?

The seasons of life inspire a still-elusive quest to find the perfect plant journal


Curl Up With a Southern Seed Catalog

Because bountiful summer gardens start with a little winter dreaming