Bluffton, South Carolina

Artist in Residence | Veritas Vineyard and Winery

Emily Pelton hosts a week of workshops at Palmetto Bluff

Veritas Winery was started by Andrew and Patricia Hodson in 1999. Born out of their love of wine and commitment to producing quality wine, Veritas has grown into a 20-year-old family business that is on the leading edge of the Virginia wine industry. With over 50 acres in the Monticello wine region, and producing a complex portfolio of wine ranging from sparkling to beautifully balanced red wines, Veritas wine quality starts in the vineyard, and the terroir of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Winemaker Emily Pelton, daughter of Andrew and Patricia, has been the winemaker at Veritas for over 15 harvests and continues to author the beginning chapters of a young and vibrant wine region. Her philosophy is simple – she strives to give each varietal natural, balanced expression by focusing on attention to detail and cultural practices. Her old-world principles of viticulture and vinification are met with her innovative take on winemaking using state of the art technology and principles to capture the true essence and character of each varietal.

MONDAY September 21 | 4–6PM
Meet and Greet
Artist Cottage | $25


TUESDAY–FRIDAY September 22–25 | 10AM–12PM
Gallery Hours
Artist Cottage | Complimentary


WEDNESDAY September 23 | 5–6:30PM
All About a Wine Vertical
Artist Cottage | $75


THURSDAY September 24 | 5–6:30PM
Inside the Barrel
Artist Cottage | $75


FRIDAY September 25 | 5–6:30PM
The Art of Blending
Artist Cottage | $75

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