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The Twangsgiving Dish Bracket

Sixteen holiday recipes battled it out for the top spot in this tasty fall tournament presented by Duke’s Mayonnaise

When it comes to the annual Thanksgiving feast, odds are that more than a few of the dishes found on Southern tables—decadent casseroles, crispy cornbreads, and the like—share a common ingredient: at least a touch (or a healthy dollop) of mayonnaise. As for which mayonnaise, one company has long stood out among the rest, which is why we partnered with the one and only Duke’s—a Southern pantry staple since 1917 with roots in Greenville, South Carolina—for the first-ever “Twangsgiving” bracket, a showdown between the season’s most beloved mayo-tinged dishes.

What began as a list of sixteen classic recipes—including fried chicken, shrimp dip, and mashed potatoes—soon narrowed to the final four as readers cast their votes. In the last rounds of the contest, the customary leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich went head-to-head with G&G’s traditional pimento cheese, while a gooey three-cheese macaroni faced off against a platter of deviled eggs kicked up with a dash of sriracha. In the end, the deviled eggs came out on top, their craveable, easy-snacking quality matched only by their showstopping looks. But any of these crowd-favorite dishes will have you reaching for that jar of Duke’s already in your fridge—for all the recipes, click the links below.