Ready to Roll: The Best Biscuit-Making Tools

Everything but the biscuits

Photo: Johnny Autry

Photo: Johnny Autry

The right baking goods—from measuring cups to mixing bowls—will do a batch of biscuits proud, every time.


Baking Sheet

Pastry professionals love Doughmakers pans and baking sheets, like this 10- by-14-inch Biscuit model, for their durability and signature pebbled surface. The pattern is embossed into the aluminum to allow airflow for better browning. It’s naturally nonstick, too ($14;

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Simple and elegant, this lidded terracotta container from Michele Varian takes inspiration from traditional French preserving jars, and provides a cool, dry, and dark place to keep flour fresh ($100;

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Measuring Spoons

The gold finish and substantial weight of these measuring spoons by Maison Plus elevate the everyday cooking essentials ($48, for a set that includes matching measuring cups;

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Mixing Bowl

A wide, shallow bowl works best for mixing biscuit dough—you can really get in there with your hands to blend the ingredients and feel when the consistency becomes just right. This handmade glazed-clay vessel by M. Crow measures 10½ inches wide but just 4½ deep ($260;

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Measuring Cups

These pretty and practical ceramic measuring cups by Casafina are handmade in Portugal. They nest for neat storage and are microwave-safe for melting butter, and the spouts help funnel flour or buttermilk right into the mixing bowl ($70;

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Butter Dish

A Southern kitchen sure would be a lonely place without butter. This stoneware dish by Juliska, with a gleaming pewter finish, makes for a beautiful spot to keep it handy ($68;

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Rolling Pin

Designed in collaboration with Rachel De Jong, the former pastry chef at Virginia’s Inn at Little Washington, this French-style walnut rolling pin by De Jong & Co. is easy on the eyes and comfortable in the hands ($100;

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