North Carolina


Chapel Hill’s Alexander Julian fashions a sport coat to beat the Southern heat

What's in Season

One taste of an Ashe County pimento, and you may shun watery bell peppers for good

Arts & Culture

Detour-worthy dahlia destinations in Western North Carolina


Combining two North Carolina favorites

Garden Variety

A revival landscape in Highlands, North Carolina

In the Garden

A jewel box garden in Raleigh, North Carolina


Three summer exhibitions explore the remarkable career of North Carolina’s Burk Uzzle

Food & Drink

The crowd-pleaser dessert


The Avett Brothers return with a new album and a new outlook

Food & Drink

Turning back the clock to a time when the midday meal was king

12 Slideshow

Food & Drink

Tag along with writer Jed Portman on a road trip through the Tar Heel State in search of rib-sticking meals


How the father of landscape architecture left his final fingerprints on the South

Fork in the Road

North Carolina pit master Sam Jones is breathing new fire into the old-school smokehouse


A North Carolina painter finds that you can go home again—maybe

Good Dog

A bold little spaniel with strange business of her own

Sporting Scene

How a North Carolina plantation turned back the clock on bobwhite habitat

The Southern Agenda

Goings-on in the South and beyond

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Sporting Scene

Where the quail feel right at home


A few of our favorite holiday-named Southern locales that wear their yuletide spirit proudly

Land & Conservation

An artist resumes a childhood obsession with the fish of his youth