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John T. Edge’s Top Ten Dishes of 2014

A closer look inside the best dishes of the year

December/January 2015

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Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll
The Farmer’s Daughter
Chattanooga, TN

photo: Whitney Ott

The counter at the Farmer’s Daughter in Chattanooga, TN.

photo: Whitney Ott

A pan of sweet potato cinnamon rolls.

photo: Whitney Ott

Luck and Money
Poole’s Downtown Diner
Raleigh, NC

photo: Lissa Gotwals

Roasted garlic compound butter poured over the luck and money dish at Poole’s Downtown Diner in Raleigh, NC.

Lissa Gotwals

Smoked Oysters and Saltines
The Ordinary
Charleston, SC

photo: Peter Frank Edwards

Arepa & Salsa
Memphis, TN

photo: Rett Peek


The dining room inside Arepa & Salsa in Memphis, TN.

Rett Peek

Three Greens Plate
Bully’s Restaurant
Jackson, MS

photo: Chris Granger

The team at Bully’s Restaurant.

photo: Chris Granger

The dining room inside Bully’s Restaurant.

photo: Chris Granger


Greek Meatballs
Homewood, AL

photo: Melina Hammer

Dining room at Johnny’s.

photo: Melina Hammer

Server at Johnny’s.

Melina Hammer

Owner, Timothy Hontzas at Johnny’s.

photo: Melina Hammer

Brûléed Muscadine Sundae
Chapel Hill, NC

photo: Lissa Gotwals

Chef Andrea Reusing with the brûléed muscadine sundae from Lantern.

Lissa Gotwals

Fried Shrimp
Speed’s Kitchen
Shellman Bluff, GA

Courtesy of Speed's Kitchen

Black Pepper Spaghetti
Houston, TX

Courtesy of Coltivare