Cane Syrup

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Five Secret Southern Ingredients

Tips and recipes for turning kitchen staples into winning Southern dishes

End of the Line

Raising Cane

Finding answers in a sweet syrup

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Cane Syrup & Spice-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin

Fire up the grill with a recipe from The Southerner’s Cookbook

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A Smaller-Batch Answer to Steen’s Cane Syrup

Charles Poirier makes cane syrup the old-fashioned way—by hand and very, very slowly

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Cane Syrup: The Forgotten Harvest

Once a Southern staple, cane syrup has mostly fallen by the wayside. But for this diehard bunch in South Carolina, making it is just as much fun as tasting it

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The Forgotten Harvest

At Lavington Plantation in South Carolina, cane syrup is making a comeback