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How to Cook the Perfect Steak in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Take it from a Southern steakhouse chef who swears that cast iron beats your trusty grill

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Inside the New Cast Iron Museum

The new Lodge Museum of Cast Iron pulls back the curtain on the South’s favorite cookware

Editor's Letter

Restoring an Heirloom Dutch Oven

Knocking the rust off salvaged cast-iron

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Cast-Iron Potato Galette

Just potatoes, butter, salt, and your favorite pan

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Southern Conundrum: Can You Use Soap to Clean Your Cast Iron?

Is sudsing up your pan indeed heresy? We asked the experts to weigh in

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The Care and Keeping of Cast Iron

How Southern chefs clean and season their prized pots and pans

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Our Favorite Cast-Iron Recipes

In a Southern kitchen, the most cherished—and most often used—tool is a cast-iron skillet. Here are more than sixty recipes to put yours to good use

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The Search for a Beginner’s Cast-Iron Skillet

For some Southerners, skillets are reverentially handed down from generation to generation. But since my mom still happily cooks with hers, I had to buy a skillet of my own. Here’s what I learned

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Making a New Old-Fashioned Skillet

Smithey Ironware Company and the neverending search for a perfect cast-iron surface

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Five Southern Cooking Myths Debunked

Can you wash cast-iron cookware with soap?

Anatomy of a Classic

Cast-Iron Skillet Blueberry Cobbler

Fresh blueberries get the skillet treatment

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Green Tomato Pie

Chef Travis Milton shares a recipe for an old-fashioned dessert

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Chicken-Fried Short Ribs

Award-winning chef Chris Shepherd shares a recipe that was born out of leftovers

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Kil’t Greens with Bacon Jam

Chef Ouita Michel serves a versatile version of an Appalachian classic

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Sautéed Shrimp and Okra

Chef BJ Dennis combines two staples of Gullah Geechee cuisine to create a classic Lowcountry dish

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Chicken-Fried Oysters with Garlic-Dill Pickle Sauce

Cast-iron fried oysters

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Cast-Iron Charred Corn

A touch of continental refinement to a farmhouse staple


Cast-Iron Collection: Davis Love III

One pro golfer’s passion for vintage cast-iron cookware

Anatomy of a Classic

Cast-Iron Comfort: Bacon Scallion Hoecakes

The original field feast