Roy Blount Jr.

Arts & Culture

Roy Blount Jr. Walks on the Wild Side

A local’s daily observations—and exotic animal encounters—in New Orleans’ French Quarter

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Roy Blount Jr. Rescues One Chunk of Louisiana at a Time

Doing whatever it takes to save (part of) our planet

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Roy Blount Jr. Keeps it Simple

A passionate plea for a simpler plate of food

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Roy Blount Jr. Reaches New Lows

For one Southerner, shrinking stature is more than a matter of inches

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Roy Blount Jr. Mans His Compost

Behind every good gardener is a homemade dirt heap

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Roy Blount Jr.’s War of Worms

A thoughtful study on worms, from gardening partners to backyard foes

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Roy Blount Jr.’s Diamond Dreams

The hall of fame induction speech
that might have been

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Crazy for Croquettes

Getting to the meat of a beloved salmon dish—and Faulkner

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Stop That Weed!

Protecting a courtyard from an unsightly intruder

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Can You Be Immune to Dance Fever?

Ruminating on a reluctance to boogie

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Florida, Man!

Rambling along in the Sunshine State

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Southern Ingenuity

Thoughts on some inventions we need—and some we don’t

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Hick-Hop Harmony

A world of possibilities for hybrid musical genres

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Roy Blount, Jr. is Feeling the Heat

…and getting sweaty about it

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How Does One Correctly Use the Term “Y’all?”

A few thoughts on a Southern debate for the books

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Merry Joyeux Noël

A Southerner’s guide to Christmas in France

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Fish Food

Getting to the bottom of bait and crackers


Humidity: The South’s Summertime Blanket

Roy Blount, Jr. on why the South just wouldn’t be the same without sweat

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A Gusty Proposal

Whipping up some enthusiasm for one of life’s elemental pleasures

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Food for Thought

Finding wisdom on the walls… and in the sides