Roy Blount Jr

End of the Line

Southern Ingenuity

Thoughts on some inventions we need—and some we don’t

End of the Line

Hick-Hop Harmony

A world of possibilities for hybrid musical genres

End of the Line

Roy Blount, Jr. is Feeling the Heat

…and getting sweaty about it

End of the Line

How Does One Correctly Use the Term “Y’all?”

A few thoughts on a Southern debate for the books

End of the Line

Merry Joyeux Noël

A Southerner’s guide to Christmas in France

End of the Line

Fish Food

Getting to the bottom of bait and crackers


Humidity: The South’s Summertime Blanket

Roy Blount, Jr. on why the South just wouldn’t be the same without sweat

End of the Line

A Gusty Proposal

Whipping up some enthusiasm for one of life’s elemental pleasures

End of the Line

Food for Thought

Finding wisdom on the walls… and in the sides

End of the Line

Should You?

Thoughts on a slippery principle

End of the Line

Fightin’ Words

Making a fuss about Faulkner and college football

End of the Line

Garden Wars

Roy Blount, Jr. on tussling with a nasty vine… and losing

End of the Line

Flying’s Bad Rap

Making tunes and new friends in the sky

End of the Line

Raising Cane

Finding answers in a sweet syrup

End of the Line

Mardi Gras for Adults

A stately defense of a much-maligned holiday

End of the Line

A Pot of Goodness

Ruminating on the many virtues of black-eyed peas

End of the Line

End of the Line: Dirty Money?

A few good reasons why cash is still king

End of the Line

Traveling Salesman

The not-so-glamorous life of an author on the road

End of the Line

Courtyard Reporter

Seeking solace — and inspiration — behind the house

Arts & Culture

Blount About Food

Roy Blount, Jr. shares a collection of essays, songs, poems, and odes to the food he loves and loathes