Sean Brock

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Sean Brock Announces His Next Nashville Venture: A Listening Bar

The celebrated restaurateur’s Bar Continental will tantalize mouths and ears

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Sean Brock’s Ol’ Fuskie Crab Rice

In his new book, South, the Nashville-based chef pays tribute to the Lowcountry cuisine that inspired him

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Sean Brock’s New Direction

The chef is back with a new cookbook, plus a vision to de-stress his kitchens, put his phone away, and deliver some “big, big, big” plans for getting Southerners to eat more kudzu

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How Sean Brock Makes Cornbread

The chef’s simple recipe with each element—cast iron, corn, and buttermilk—in perfect harmony

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Succotash, Sean Brock Style

This comforting staple, from the chef’s new cookbook, South, brings a taste of summer to the fall table


Sean Brock’s New Cookbook and a Foxfire Reissue Sing in Harmony

An Appalachian Duet: Two books to add to your shelf this fall


An All-Star Crew Raises Funds for Hurricane Relief

Plus: Husk heads to Savannah; Blue Ridge land receives protection; and pregaming is officially a thing.


The Great Bourbon Taste Test

What happens when a dozen-odd whiskey aficionados, led by one maniacally obsessed Southern chef and the reigning bourbon king, gather to test twenty-four years’ worth of a legendary brand? Among other things, a hell of a good time

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Inside the Great Bourbon Taste Test

Chef Sean Brock, Julian Van Winkle III, and others gather in Nashville to sample some of the South’s finest bourbon

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Why Duke’s Mayonnaise Matters

In the South, one condiment reigns supreme

The Southern Agenda

Sean Brock’s Minero Michelada

Try Sean Brock’s spicy version of a classic beer cocktail

Food & Drink

How Sean Brock Makes Pimento Cheese

The James Beard Award-winning chef shares a recipe from his new cookbook

Food & Drink

Dream Grills

Get to know Grillworks, the company trusted by some of the South’s most renowned chefs

Fork in the Road

Southern to the Bone

Chef Sean Brock’s latest venture might just be the ultimate in Dixie dining