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Boudin without Borders

Surrounded by cane fields and conch sausage in the French territory of Guadeloupe, New Orleans chef Donald Link dines his way through a Caribbean take on Creole cuisine

Arts & Culture

G&G Interview

The Funny Life of David Sedaris

Gut-busting laughs. Heartache. The North Carolina shore. David Sedaris weaves them all into a new memoir


Hell and High Water

A preacher forced to examine his beliefs forsakes fire and brimstone for love



Meghan Markle’s Southern Rescue Dog

An abandoned Kentucky beagle ends up among royalty. Plus: Hunt Country tours, summertime drinks, and more

Ask G&G

To Pour, or Not to Pour (the Good Stuff)

Sharing spirits, dodging beards, and outsmarting snakes

Southern Focus

Blanco River, Texas

Photographer Kenny Braun captures the Texas Hill Country

End of the Line

A Gusty Proposal

Whipping up some enthusiasm for one of life’s elemental pleasures

Arts & Culture

You Know Your Mama Is Really Southern If…

The endearing (and endearingly exasperating) traits and tactics of the Southern Mother



Back Porch Sessions

Back Porch Session: Shakey Graves at High Water Chapel

Watch a stripped-down performance from the Austin, Texas, artist at High Water Festival in Charleston, South Carolina

Sporting Life


Field of Dreams

A Swedish-born shotgun virtuoso transplants the European driven shoot to the American West