Daily Shot

Where to Drink Seventy-Year-Old Whiskey

By Jed PortmanGood EatsMarch 31, 2015

Even thirty years ago, bourbon was better than it is today. Grains soaked and fermented in water that came from wells, not municipal water supplies. Ancient oaks supplied the wood for the air-dried barrels that held and mellowed corn spirits. Low demand kept most whiskeys small-batch, and distillers who spent two or three decades at their posts had time to refine and adjust their recipes. Until recently, only the most devoted collectors could sample the majority of those antique spirits before they vanished for good.

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The Story Behind a Broadway Classic

By CJ LotzSouthern SoundsMarch 31, 2015

Musical theatre in the 1940s was marked by big-band-blowouts and full-cast, rumble-the-rafters numbers—a way for audiences to escape the weariness of war. So when the curtains parted on March 31, 1943, and a lone cowboy crooned about “a bright golden haze on the meadow,” no one could have anticipated that Oklahoma! would go on to set a Broadway record of 2,212 original performances, four revivals, and two film adaptations. So far.

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Matthew McConaughey Toasts New Orleans

By Jessica MischnerBelow the LineMarch 30, 2015

Matthew McConaughey knows a thing or two about New Orleans. Though Texas-bred, the Oscar-winning actor has filmed five of his last ten projects, including HBO’s True Detective and the upcoming Civil War drama The Free State of Jones, in and around the Crescent City. So when he accepted the New Orleans Film Society’s Celluloid Hero Award this past Saturday night and paid tribute to his adopted hometown, McConaughey employed his trademark turn of phrase to deliver a toast to the city in a way only he could.

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The Southern Cupboard: Vintage Deviled Egg Plates

By Haskell HarrisBelle DecorMarch 30, 2015

Deviled egg plates, like hardworking biscuit cutters or tall, skinny sweet tea spoons, are on the short list of purposeful epicurean items every Southerner should own. And that’s likely because they come in handy often, especially this time of year, a season in the South that calls for alfresco entertaining of every sort, from Easter picnics to porch parties. Sure, there are plenty of new versions out there, but some of the most compelling are vintage. Bonus: These older options are affordable on sites such as Etsy and are as fun to collect as they are to give as thoughtful wedding and housewarming gifts.

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Wonderfully Weird Southern Town Names

By Heather RichieBelow the LineMarch 28, 2015

What do you call a man from Bucksnort, TN? A bucksnorter of course. Some Southern town names are so outrageous they almost seem like jokes, but it turns out there is a story behind each one. Before the Civil War, a man local to present-day Bucksnort sold “snorts” of moonshine for a dollar. Perhaps his name was Buck.

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