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It All Started with a Bag of Turnip Greens

Season 3, Episode 4: Atlanta chef Eddie Hernandez joins us to talk tacos, ’70s rock-and-roll, and the secret behind Taqueria del Sol’s success

Photo: Danielle Evans

Chef (and former rock drummer) Eddie Hernandez riffs in the kitchen of Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta.

Yes, the turnip greens at Taqueria del Sol are legendary (as are the tacos and margaritas), but there is more to this wildly popular Southern restaurant, now with seven locations in Georgia and Tennessee. We caught up with chef Eddie Hernandez and his business partner, Mike Klank, who together have been cooking up delicious Mexican food in Atlanta for more than three decades, to find out how this unlikely duo met, why they’re so successful (hint: it’s the food), and to dig into Eddie’s new cookbook, Turnip Greens & Tortillas. Plus, at the end of the episode, we switch gears and get a crash course in Southern style with Sid and Ann Mashburn on their three must-haves for every well-dressed man and woman.

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