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The New Dolly Parton–Inspired Collection of Lodge Cast Iron Is a Southerner’s Dream

The next best thing to eating a cake with Dolly is eating one in the shape of her guitar

Four cast iron pans with etchings of butterflies, Dolly Parton's head and signature, and a guitar-shaped pan. They are on a blue, pink, and yellow butterfly-patterned background

Photo: Lodge Cast Iron

Earlier today, the world received word via Instagram that our kitchens would never be the same: Two Tennessee icons, Lodge Cast Iron and Dolly Parton, joined forces to release a Parton-inspired collection of cookware. There are four skillets every Southern kitchen needs: The “I Will Always Love You,” a 10.25-inch classic featuring Dolly’s profile gazing at a butterfly; the twelve-inch “Love Is Like a Butterfly” with its winged guitar design; the “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” 13.25-incher inspired by the Smoky Mountains where she grew up; and a guitar-shaped mini skillet called the “Rockstar.” 

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The post set off a flurry of comments, ranging from elated…

“Guitar-shaped cornbread FTW!” 

…to punny…

“PARTON me but these are the most darling kitchen additions I’ve seen!”

…to desperate…

Why won’t the website work!?” (Well, because it’s experiencing all-time high traffic.)

Some even asked if the skillets are available in the United Kingdom. USA only, Lodge responded, and thank god for that trimming of the competition. If you do manage to snag one, Lodge has recipes ready for you: the 9-to-5 Coffee Cake with layers of streusel inspired by Dolly’s performance in the movie; an upside-down skillet cake that’s a nod to Truvy’s Cuppa Cuppa Cake recipe in Steel Magnolias; and a savory Dutch Baby that’s a tribute to Dolly’s film Straight Talk

In sum: Better order soon. Looks like these are going to sell out. To paraphrase the feelings of Dolly and cast-iron fans everywhere: I’m beggin’ of you please don’t take my pan.