Food & drink

A bowl of mussels

Fork in the Road

A pair of blossoming restaurateurs bring a taste of refinement to a downtown landmark

Three ice cream sandwiches on a red plate


Two soft cookies encase a schmear of peach and buttermilk ice cream

An asian man with a beard wearing a blue button up shirt standing in front of a wood door.

Food & Drink

The author and restaurateur on his new bourbon-centered cookbook, Kentucky’s whiskey landscape, and why labels aren’t everything

A bowl of french onion soup with a cheese touille in a white bowl with blue designs.

Food & Drink

A Kentucky twist on a French favorite

Chicken wings in a bowl.

Food & Drink

An all-American match made in heaven

A white bowl with corn, avocado, and peach salad.

Food & Drink

Proof that bourbon pairs well with fresh summer flavors

A steak on a plate

Food & Drink

Raise your game with tips from the “Beef Queen”

A plate of lemon bars on a plaid background with a bowl of sugar and strawberries

Anatomy of a Classic

Spring berries add a touch of pink and a sweet balance to this citrusy dessert

A bowl of collard greens


The South Carolina singing chef hits a high note—and makes collard converts

Plates of ice cream with cherries


A cold Southern treat makes sweet use of the crunchy stuff

A plate of layered cake


“If somebody makes you a Lane cake, they love you”

A woman walks out of a doorway in a kitchen and holds a platter of food

Food & Drink

The Alabama tastemaker talks family stories, a new cookbook, and the power of Lane cake

Deviled crab salad inside a crab on a bowl of ice


Sinful? Heavenly? This gorgeous interpretation of a seafood classic is both

An aerial view of a small town with red brick buildings and large grassy parks.


Why it’s easy to spend a little more time in the Port City

A wire basket full of brigh red, cooked crawfish.

Food & Drink

Hard shells and claws can’t protect crawfish from a double hit of drought and cold

A bowl of steaming boiled peanuts

Food & Drink

Suspicious of boiled peanuts? Eat them in a dip. Anti okra slime? Slice them longways and grill them. Put off by raw oysters? Load one on a cracker

A plate of cake with icing and flowers


Hive your cake and eat it, too, with this spring-inspired dessert

Ham cream on top of a hashbrown on a plate


Nashville restaurant Audrey transforms country ham trimmings into possibly the most Southern topping ever

An illustration of a honeysuckle flower


Everyone screams for Big Spoon Creamery’s sweet floral treat

A family sits in a restaurant at a checked red and white table.

Food & Drink

The Oliphants have upheld the tradition—and downed countless biscuits—through births, deaths, and a pandemic